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Do you have a vinyl collection stored away?  Do you love the sound of Records?  Crosley has brought back the joy with the Cruiser 3 speed portable record player. 
The player comes in 8 different colors including black, blue, red, green, pink, tweed, orange, and turquoise.  With so many different colors you surely can find one to match your personality.  The case is solid quality with a nice vinyl wrap.  It has a nice suede like interior on the top shell.   It has simple controls including a volume and power knob, a switch for speed selection, and an auto stop feature for when you get to the end of an album.  It also has an adapter to play 45 RPM records with.
This is a belt driven turntable with a manual return arm.  This is pretty typical for record players that are similarly priced.  It does have the option to play 3 different speeds, 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM, and 78 RPM.  It has built in full range speakers as well as RCA output to plug into your Stereo system, which is what I prefer.  It also has an audio in to plug in an iPod or other audio device and a headphone jack.
Now that you know all about the technical stuff, I bet you want to know how it sounds!  I have been enjoying a classic album on it and it sounds great.  I chose to test it with Miles Davis Kind of Blue album.  This album has a very dynamic range of sounds and volumes.  On the built in speakers the sound is good.  You can clearly hear all of the notes (so important with a good jazz album).  My only complaint is that it does not get loud enough on the built in speakers.  This to me is not a huge problem as you can always plug it in to your stereo and turn it up as loud as you want.  As this is vinyl the only output is Analog (which is the way it should be).  When run into the stereo it sounds fantastic.  It is crystal clear and very dynamic. 

They do offer other portable models that include a USB port to plug into a computer as well as stereo rack models with the same types of features.  This model retails for $99.95 and is a steal if you are just getting into vinyl or pulling out your old collection.  It will not disappoint.  This is a must have for your vinyl junkie on the go!

Staff blogger Sarah S

i received one or more product free of cost in exchange for a honest review all thoughts and  opinions are my own.

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