Ditto: It's the Latest & Gretaest Way to shop for Eye Wear!

8:59 AM

Lily Algaier

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for fashion in any form, especially Eye wear. Ditto has everything you would need for Prescription and Non Prescription eye wear including sunglasses and  optical glasses for both men and women.

I personally wear glasses, I would be lost, literally without them. However, just because I wear glasses does not mean I have to compromise my style. Ditto has an incredible selection for me to choose from and if I want prescription sunglasses that look amazing as well, well I can get them all at one place...Ditto!

One of my favorite things about Ditto is the fact that I can take the style quiz which takes 2-3 minutes and it will help me pick out styles I like based on my selections on the quiz. This is a newly launched app that will really make choosing perfect eye wear super simple!You can also use your webcam to virtually try on any glasses you think you may like to see how they would look on you. I know lots of places have a tool where you can use a predefined face template to try them on, but being able to actually use your own image from a webcam is pretty impressive and you will have the chance to see exactly how they will look on you not some other person. Below is just a quick spotlight on my style quiz..it literally takes just a couple minutes!



My favorite pair of glasses I found after taking the style quiz are these awesome looking glasses below called Burberry. They frame my eyes perfectly and this is the style I wear quiet often when I am out and about.

Burberry BE 2135 
My second favorite pair were these cute & stylish Ray-Ban glasses that I found. 
Ray-Ban RX 5187 
Seriously, where can you find amazing eye wear at an affordable price that you can virtually try on ? Nowhere except Ditto!

These Elizabeth & James Sunglasses I found are to die for! I seriously have them on my Christmas list as I wear sunglasses year around and having prescription sunglasses is a must for as much driving as I do not to mention they are stylish!

Elizabeth and James FillmoreHow would you like to have a chance to win Sunglasses for a year from Ditto? It's really simple to do, visit Ditto and take the style quiz, which as I stated only takes about 2 minutes, then once you are finished you will see in the upper left hand corner a box that says win Sunglasses for a year, click on that and enter!

Ditto has so many different collections you can browse through to find your perfect pair. From 7 for All mankind to Vera Wang, you will not be disappointed in any pair you pick from Ditto. 

While you are at Ditto why not take a look around and find your perfect pair of Glasses or Sunglasses like I did because the best way to shop for eye Wear starts with Ditto!!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post, however all opinions are my own based on my personal preference & experience.

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