Getting thru Holidays with special diets

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                                                             They are coming and fast

Wow this year is going by way to fast!
We already got through  Halloween and do you know what that means? That means Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner. Oh my !

 To me ,that means I better start writing my lists  for holiday meals and getting decorations from their  year long hiding places.  That is a task all in its own right, to get them all down in one piece.  It also means lots of baking and shopping. I love everything about the holidays, but this year I have to take that extra step. I now have to cook separate meals and treats for my daughter. She can't eat holiday treats like we can, so my question this year is how do I prep for a awesome Holiday for her too?

 So I have been doing lots of research and asking parents of children on this strict diet too. Thank goodness we only have to do this another year and a half but how to get through  the first set of holidays without major breakdowns or sneaking bad foods is the question here.   So we got through Halloween with flying colors but it took a lot of prep on my part ,course she doesn't know that. As parents we bought her a small toy to trade in her candy ,but could not do that with other children here. So I had to think outside of the box a little.  See, with her on the Modified Adkins diet that has a bit of ketoginic diet in  it. I make almost everything she eats nut based. I also have to make sure I am cooking with butter and oils and heavy whipping cream to make sure she gets her fat allotment.  

So what to make ?   Since we were having a party I made her a meal she could eat and I found a low carb cheesecake recipe. I found silicone molds at the dollar store and made them in that.  As for candy she can eat one certain protein bar  so I bought 5 . I then bought some pencils,and glow sticks and stuff. While she was in school I went to the neighbors I knew well and asked them to give them to her in her trick or treat bag. Success and she was so happy it made me cry . 

So I got through one Holiday  ,Now Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming.    

         I will be doing more research for treats and buying more silicone  molds for each holiday to make it special. I will also make sure I have plenty of treats prepped ahead and frozen for all those school treat days and other events we get invited too.  So I vow to get through all these holidays through prep and research. I will make these as normal as possible.

Sarah S

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