How to make a diaper cake

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                                                     How to make a diaper cake 


                               Do you  need a baby shower gift to impress?  Well here is one for you. I made this in a little less than a hour.   The mom to be loved it so much too.   It made a great statement and had things she needed too.          

                                                                    What  you'll need

                                                               1. empty paper towel roll
                                                               2.  cake board or cut out cardboard
                                                               3. diapers of any size ( i used size 2 huggies 2 packages )
                                                              4.  large rubber bands
                                                              5.  Ribbon of any color
                                                              6. decorations of choice
                                                               7. tape or glue gun

Start by hot gluing the paper towel roll to the cake board or cardboard.  Hold tube in place until sturdy.     Next take the diapers and layer around the tube end to end until desired size. I went all the way to edge of cardboard.  Then place rubber band around diapers. Do this same thing until you get all the layers you want. Make sure each layer is a little smaller just like a real cake.  When you get to top cut off any tube still showing.  Next it is time to decorate.   Put ribbon around each layer covering the rubber bands.   You can now decorate as you please. I went with the mom to be's nursery theme. I printed out the animals and glued them on the ribbon.  I also chose a outfit and bib that I stuck in there.  I then took teethers and used hot glue and pop dots to put them around cake. On top the little toy is just taped on there.

                                                                 Staff blogger
                                                                                        Sarah S

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