LG Oled TV : It's what 's happening this Holiday Season!

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Have you seen the latest and greatest in Technology? I visited Best Buy today and checked out the LG Oled T.V.'s and Wozers is all I can say. Okay not really, I actually have a lot to say but you are really going to want to keep reading.

trust me when I say this would make the perfect family gift this Holiday season. I always get a family gift every year and I am the only one that knows what it is, I don't even let Chris know. I think he would even be excited if I got this as a family gift this year.

The new LG Oled T.V.'s are pretty sweet, with an innovation curved screen and it's sleek modern look you really can't go wrong by putting this in any room. Now, the first thing Chris ask was how does that work with a curved screen? He assumed that you would not be able to view the entire screen depending on how you were sitting. However, that is not the case at all.

Every aspect of LG OLED TV is designed to enhance your viewing pleasure. The curve of the screen is designed so that your eyes are equally distant from all parts of the screen when sitting in front of the TV, providing a natural and immersive viewing experience. It's an artful evolution of the traditional flat screen, designed for maximum impact.

We actually viewed this  LG Oled T.V from every possible angle and they are spot on with it, we could see every inch of the screen and were suitable impressed with it.

The picture on the T.V. is simply amazing. OLED self-lighting pixels are able to switch on and off individually, offering the first infinite contrast ratio. Contrast ratio measures the range from the brightest whites on the screen to the darkest blacks. These deep blacks seem to melt away, for a greater sense of realism and depth on all content. Higher is better, and infinite has been impossible… until now.

LG's 4 Color Pixel technology adds a white sub-pixel to the conventional three colors (red, green and blue) that enhances both color range and accuracy. This considerably improves the OLED pixels' ability to express realistic colors and represents a giant step ahead of conventional RGB displays. The 4 Color Pixel is LG's exclusive innovation for the next-generation OLED TV. 

Take a look at the image below to get a good idea of how it works.

OLED TVDo you want to know what I found that I really liked about this T.V.? I love how thin it is! You honestly have never sen a T.V. so thin and sleek. The depth of this LG Oled T.V. is only 0.17" at it's thinnest point  ....can you say WOW!

This smart T.V. may actually be smarter than me...you can instantly stream Hulu Plus, Netflix and YouTube directly from your LG Oled T.V. It also has another great feature...A Voice controlled remote: Change the channel, open an app or find something new with a wave of your hand, the scroll of a wheel, or LG's unique Voice Mate with natural speech recognition. And now you can control your compatible Blu-ray player, home theater system, set-top box and sound bar with just one remote. Spend less time navigating and searching for remotes and more time enjoying your entertainment*

I know many of my fans also love Twitter parties & visit my page just to see the parties going on daily.  Best Buy is hosting an LG OLED Twitter Party on Thursday December 4th at 7PM CST. Feel free to join this party for a chance to receive Best Buy gift cards and other great prizes. Tweet #HintingSeason with your top gifts that you want this Holiday from Best Buy.

Want to find out more about the LG Oled?  Let's hit some high points for you and then I will give you a link to check it out on Best Buy as well.

·         Infinite contrast ratio and stunning color - delivers more natural, lifelike viewing.
·         4 Color Pixel technology enhances color range and accuracy.
·         Super thin design (consider how to show visually)
·         Find content faster with webOS

Head on over to BEst Buy for more info on how you cna purchase the new LG Oled T.V.

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