Minigoals: A true Fun spin on Foosball, perfect for Christmas!

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My kids love Foosball just as I did when I was younger..and I can admit it, I still love the fun. We have found a new twist on foosball that brings more meaning to the whole game! Exiting, right? I bet you want to hear all about it.

Minigoals are the latest and greatest , using the tradition foosball platform but with a great spin. Minigoals lets you pick your players! Yes ,you heard me! How much fun would you have as a family if you got to pick your players and formations  and at the same time gain a collectible crew that you can hang on to for years to come?

Now, let me tell you all about Minigoals. Minigoals are collectible Soccer sets which come in sets of 11 and Minigols has licenses with national soccer teams including Mexico, Germany, Spain, and Argentina as well as the three most popular club soccer teams in the world with over 50 million fans each: Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Manchester United. The company is now adding more teams, including U.S. soccer teams such as Los Angeles Galaxy and Seattle Sounders.

You can purchase your individual sets of Minigoals and change out your teams any time you want. These are all limited edition sets that you can be proud to hold on to so your kids can play with their kids  and pass them on for many years to come.  This is sure to be hours of fun for everyone and what a great time to grab a set for each person on your Christmas list as well. 

Using as traditional type of Foosball table, which can also be removed and used on any surface without having to take up half a room just to play, you can play anywhere, even your kitchen table. The  mini foosball table is the ideal height for children, or the legs can be detached so it can be placed on top of a table for adults.

  I know my kids already have this on the list this year and I can't wait to challenge my boys to a game, they don't e know that Mommy was the Foosball queen when I was a teenager and I can't wait to see if I still have what it takes to beat them

Just in time for Christmas, MiniGoals are now expanding in to the U.S. and are just waiting for you to gather them up to have in your home. Can you imagine what fun you would have pulling this out when you have company and letting your guest pick their favorite team to play with? It's unlike any other Foosball or table game you will ever see, totally original and you can be some of the first in the U.S. to have your very own Minigoals set!

Is your father, Husband or Brother a big Soccer fan? This would be a perfect accompaniment for them to have  on display in their office and a great conversation piece as well. These limited edition Collector sets are classy as well as tough!

MiniGoals have 9 different tables for you to choose from and every table is really incredible looking and would make a great edition to your game room. Right now you can also get a free Mexico Coach Miguel Herrera with any purchase. 

Thsi truly is something new and different , something your entire family can get in to. Young to Old will enjoy countless hours spent playing with your Minigoals and enjoying that precious family time. I know at my house we have game night once a week and we have not missed a week in years . I would love to add this to our game night because I feel like my husband and kids would have as much fun as I would. We are a pretty competitive bunch and love to really get in to our game nights. I hope to surprise them with a Mingoals table and a few sets of teams to get started as our family gift this Christmas. I wish I already had this in my home for Thanksgiving not only to play but to show off how awesome it is.

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this article, however, all opinions are strictly  my own.

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