Newman's Own Organic Review and Giveaway

9:06 AM

           I am always looking for good snacks for our family.  We love a variety of tastes.  I was fortunate enough to receive a wide variety of snack foods from Newman's own organic line.

I was so surprised I did not know they had such an extensive line of food.  My kids had their friends over, so I decided to let them all try what they wanted.  It was wonderful with a few extra kids around to get different perspectives and taste buds to tell me what they though, of course kids are very honest as well.
Starting at the top left we have a variety of flavored candy bars mint chocolate, cherry chocolate, peanut butter cups, and 2 different types of chocolate. Then we have different flavor licorice including regular and sour flavors. Next is 4 different types of pretzels. Then 4 different types of mints, and last but not least we have raisins and cranberries  and ginger snap cookies. Not pictured are the oatmeal cookies, alphabet cookies, and mint chocolate wafers . 

Of course, the candy and cookies got opened first.  My husband loved the hermits.  They were his favorite.  He said they are soft and very flavorful.  My son's and my favorite were the mint cookie wafers.  My daughter can not eat it but said she would probably love it all.  My sons friend loved the milk chocolate bar.

I was very pleased with the freshness of everything and the flavors are wonderful. I also love that I can read all of the ingredients and they are ingredients I know.  I also love that they are organic, so I know they are healthy.  I was very pleased with the variety of food that they offered and the taste of everything.  We all have our favorites of course, but I can tell you we will be purchasing more Newman's Own organic products.

Staff blogger Sarah S

Discloser: I received one or more products free of charge in exchange for a review. Opinions and thoughts are all my own.

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