Pet peeves....

12:38 PM

I was sitting here this morning at a loss at what I wanted to write about today so I decided I would take a non think break and just scroll through Facebook. After about 5 minutes...I was seriously annoyed...and now I will explain to you why...

First this is not meant to offend anyone, just a personal opinion.

When looking at Facebook, I have many kids on my friends list so I expect to see lots of abbreviated post or misspellings from them, but what really got me going was the adults who post with abbreviations and you need a dictionary like whatever they are using to decipher their post.

Okay here is one post this morning from someone my own age : ( just a snippet of a post really)
I kno my kds hd a gr8 tme and we cnt wait for u2 cum over and c us.

Okay, okay...sure you can understand it, but why not use proper grammar the best you can instead of trying to sound hip or young? Am I wrong? Is this what technology and society has been reduced too? I love technology just as much as anyone else but even with technology, I still do my best to post coherent sentences or words. Granted, my phone on occasion will auto correct or  even change words.

What do you think, should adults use proper English and grammar when making a post or do you find this acceptable? 

Another one I randomly found:

I will alwas love and be here dnt let knw one tell you different, u r my bby grl 

So yes, all this makes me wonder, what we have come to when we cannot even make complete words just because we are in the technology and internet related world.

Honest opinions on this and also, what are your Pet peeves?

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