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As our children get older buying  gifts for holidays and birthdays gets harder each year. At least that is how i feel every time i venture out to purchase something for them.  Although I think this year we found something that would be a great gift. For ages 8 and older  Razor has a wonderful power rider 360.  
I was super excited when this came as I could see all the lists in my head that this would go on. I opened it up and everything was there including comprehensive instructions.

There isnt too many parts to put together which I like. I want  a great product with as little assembly required as possible. As soon as it was all put together the children were chomping at the bit to ride it even neighbor kids.  I told them we had to wait 12 hours to charge it then everyone could come over tomorrow and try it out. They loved that and the next day they were all over here riding around. It was so neat to see  all the kids zipping and spinning up and down our street. They all loved it so much.  

After the kids were done with their turns I had some questions for them and they were all very eager to answer.  The first question I asked was the obvious first choice. Was it fun?  All in unison I heard all yes's. The next thing I asked was how easy was it to control? The answer to that was pretty  simple if you can ride a bike with brakes you got this. 
The on and off switch is to the left when you sit in the seat.  
Then you have the green button on handles that is you gas or as my son said your get up and go .Just press and go.
Last but not least you have your brake so you can stop .Then use your body and drift and spin you can spin a whole 360 degrees hence the name. You also have a comfortable place to put your feet up so they aren't touching the ground.  Try and keep your feet on petal while you spin for some of the kids that was the hardest part.       We love this ride and it will be fun for many seasons and enjoyed by many.

Staff blogger Sarah S

Disclaimer  I received this product  free of charge in exchange for a honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 

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