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This summer we did a whole re-do of my daughters room.  I am talking from floor to ceiling redo. We chose to do a pink,black and white theme as to grow with her. We finished after more then a month of hard work.  We put all furniture back and decorated the walls.   When all was said and we were  still missing something.  
 We decided on flower lights on wall ,but still needed something above her dresser .We looked all over and just could not come up with a solution. We did not want a mirror up there as we were afraid of breakage.  Finally it came to ,an art piece.  No breakage to be afraid of and we wanted it to be super special.   So I started searching for something that would be special and match our theme that we were going for
I finally found exactly what I wanted.  
 I found the custom vinyl shop and knew I could get what  wanted with custom design.  They had the right colors  and everything . I ordered and got it pretty quickly  too. I decided on a black damask design with a name in the middle in the same pink that is on the wall

  It turned out great and was so easy to apply.

It came with all directions and a test piece and the tool you need for a smooth finish. The directions were very easy to follow. We did  add a step as we have done vinyls before we wiped the back with a damp cloth before releasing the paper. To us it helped the release process. 

I think it came out wonderfully and just completed her room. She is a very happy girl now. 
The custom vinyl shop is also going to give one winner a $30.00 off coupon code no minimum purchase required.

Staff blogger  Sarah S

I received this product free of charge in exchange for a honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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