Ursula DIY costume

9:00 AM

Sarah made this post a year ago and with Halloween here now, what better time to bring it back so you all can use this or get ideas for a great DIY costume.

 I made a costume for myself this year. My favorite movie of all time is Little Mermaid. I love Ursula she is my favorite character,as a kid I always liked the villains for some reason . I looked around for a costume of her and they were either something I would not walk around in or way to expensive , so I devised a plan.

 I had a black dress with polka dots on top but decided I could cover polka dots with a black shirt I had already. I owned tights and heels so no cost there either.  I decided to make a tutu with tentacles .  I started out purchasing  black and purple fabric and a no sew iron on tape,and elastic.   I cut a purple piece and black piece to same length (however long you want.) I then ironed the no sew and stuffed with pillow fill and a cut wire hanger,  then no sewed the top as well. 

 I took the elastic and measured around my waist what I wanted. I attached the tentacles to elastic with no sew.  I then filled in gaps with purple and black tulle to make a tutu.  The hardest part was the makeup it took a long time. I was using white color spray for my hair but ran out. I then remembered the kids had a mad scientist wig so I used that.  When I was all dressed and ready I pined the tentacles to my dress so they were up and visible.

 All in all I think the costume came out pretty well and very inexpensive .

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