10 Pound Pledge : How I plan to lose 10 pounds in 5 weeks!

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It's that time of year again, where everyone starts thinking about the resolutions we will make in the New Year.  For me, it's not so much about making resolutions as it is sticking to what I decide to do, and that is where 10 Pound Pledge comes in.

10 Pound Pledge is what will make it easy for me to get started and stay on a good healthy regiment to help me lose the weight I have gained recently.  Many of you already know, that after my brain surgery, what I could  do was limited, and when I could not do the things I loved to do the most, I simply stopped trying and ended up gaining weight like never before, as well as making unhealthy choices.  I have searched all around for things I could do that would entice and invigorate me to get back on track, and then I came across 10 Pound Pledge

What is 10 Pound Pledge?  Your ultimate in-home workout & nutrition guide to losing 10 pounds in 5 weeks with fitness coach Kamila McDonald.  This is probably one of the most reasonable weight loss goals anyone can have.  You see so many weight loss methods that say you can lose 20 pounds in a month or 8 pounds in a week, but how many are actually realistic and healthy?  10 pound pledge takes realism and health and puts it in a new light, one that will truly help you lose those 10 pounds and stay healthy at the same time.


I think this is what I like best about 10 Pound Pledge. I can set realistic goals , with a realistic workout. This is as real as it can get. No crash dieting or all day exercises. This is a real down to earth workout program that will give you lasting results. 

My favorite is the 10 pound Pledge Kami Combo.  Kami is an actual person who was looking to make changes in her life, become healthy, and lose weight.  I can really relate to Kami's story.  I find that I cannot even look at myself in the mirror anymore. I feel like  the person that  I was before brain surgery is gone forever. I often wonder if I can change these habits and the lifestyle that has become so unhealthy for me. Then, I started reading Kami's story and realize that everything she is saying could be my own words. I have hit rock bottom...I am at that place in my life where I can either continue to be unhappy or make changes. 




The reasons I really like the Kami Combo are many. I have read everything I could find , did my research, and found that the Kami Combo has everything I need to get me started on the right track. The 10 pound Pledge has two categories, Red and Green. Both categories have different focuses.

The Green  :

  • Cardiovascular Training
  • High Intense Interval Circuits
  • Burn Calories
  • Builds Endurance
  • Increases Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness
The Red:
  • Strength Training
  • Plyometrics
  • Torches Calories
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Preserves and Enhances Lean Muscle Mass
  However, with the Kami Combo, it combines both the Red and the Green to give you the best of both workouts that will help you achieve maximum results. I truly am, without a doubt, excited to get started with the Kami Combo and get myself back, not only to where I was but even better than before. 

Why let your weight stop you from being the best you can be?  I know, easier said than done, that's the reason I like the 10 Pound pledge, the goal of 2 pounds per week is something I can stick too, without depriving myself of things that are sure to set me up for failure. 

I can remember the first diet I tried after Surgery, it pretty much cut out all carbs, all sugars and had me eating 800-1000 calories a day just to start. Honestly, I think I failed before I even began because just getting my mind to focus on what I could have was not enough to forget about what I could not have, which was a lot. I lost 3 pounds the first week, but on day 7, I failed..and by day 9 I had gained back every ounce I had lost and then some. I felt deprived that entire week, so when I started eating things I should not have, I reasoned that I had already failed and started eating even more than before out of misery, anger at myself for failing and angry at the world in general. 

Since that first so called diet, I have tried and failed at many more. I will get on my Elliptical and do well for the first day, then on day two, I am bored. It simply isn't what I need or at least not the only thing I need. I need something that will keep me going, something that I know I can achieve instead of feeling like a failure when I try to lose weight and can't lose that 10 pounds in a week that all those other diets say I can.

One of the other things I really like about the Kami Combo is that I can afford it. I could go out and buy a $80 bottle of diet pills that won't work or if they do work, they will not keep the weight off, or I can spend a mere $80 for the Kami Combo and have something that I can keep forever. A real plan, a real workout. Here is what comes with the Kami Combo Plan:
  • Kami's 5-Week Workout Video Plan
  • 9 Unique Workout Videos
  • 2 Warm Up and 2 Cool Down Videos
  • 10 Optimal Form Videos
  • Kami's Nutritional Blueprint: Reflections and Retrospections (50+ Pages)
  • Behind The Scenes Footage
 Sounds like a winner to me. Yes, I really plan to do this. The only difference is, I am not doing it as a resolution, I am doing it as a lifestyle change. I don't need the calendar to tell me it's 2015..I need my body to tell me it's working, my mind to tell me I can do it and I know that I can. It's time for a change.

I love the fact that it's a real video, I don't have to see a group  of women  in a studio showing me how I should look. I don't need to spend a fortune on Workout clothes to make myself feel good enough to go to the gym. Kami takes real life situations and puts them on her video. Straight from her hometown in Jamaica, you can feel like you are working out with her right in the rolling hillsides. I honestly think this would have less appeal to me if it were another Video set in a studio where I am made to feel like if I can't look like them then I am doing something wrong.


We all have different body types and styles. Why should we all think we have to conform to look like everyone else in those other video's we see all over? Why should we spend hundreds of dollars just to fail when they say we should lose 7 pounds this week?

I think with each 2 pound loss I can achieve, I will begin to feel better about myself. I honestly feel like losing 10 pounds in 5 weeks is something we could all achieve. I know that I can do this, I know that I can be happy about myself and healthy again. I really feel like the 10 Pound Pledge can help me achieve what I need to, without feeling like a failure for not losing 20 pounds in a month on an unrealistic weight loss diet plan. 

I made a point to check out the testimonials as well, when doing my research, and was pretty impressed to see real people saying how well it worked. 

Do you ever feel like there is no point in starting a diet plan because you are going to fail, like you have so many times before? I think I have been feeling that way for the past 6 months, since that first extra 10 pounds started creeping up on me and no matter what I tried, I could never stick to it because it was too restrictive, too much commercialized, too much not for me. I need something where I can feel in control, where I can feel like I can do this, without feeling those telltale signs I always feel telling me I am a failure because I can't lose weight quick.

Think about this for a moment...how long did it take you to put those 10 pounds on? Do you really think that you can take them off and keep them off in a week like so many other plans promise?  No, and not only that, it's unhealthy and unrealistic and you are simply setting yourself up for failure.

Trying the 10 Pound Pledge, I know that if I just can't one day, that I will not keep saying I just can't the next day. It's something I can hop right back on, I can keep it up daily. Would I rather watch another 10 minutes of T.V. or spend 10 minutes trying to feel better about myself? It's also a mindset, and if you are like me and ready to embark on a new, healthy journey and find lasting results, then the 10 Pound Pledge is not just for me, it's for you also.

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post, however, all opinions are my own.

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