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8:20 AM

Sometimes, we just have to tell it like it is when things do not seem to be a good buy. This happens to be one of those times. This review was originally sent to one of my staff bloggers, Sarah, and some of this review is written by her, the rest is written by me, Bridget, the blog owner.

I was  sent 3 T-shirts to review from Addair Group. Two were  plain T-shirts in adult size and one was a Tie-Dye in a child size. I was expecting a little more then plain T-shirts,as anyone  buy these at just about any store. They had Tie-Dye and printed ones on the website that I visited prior to receiving the items for review and I expected to get what was depicted on the website instead of a generic T-Shirt.

 I received them and unfortunately, they did not fit true to size, so that was another disappointment to me. Normally, I did contact the company and was met with resistance in correcting this issue and was ask to return the shirts at my own expense , at this point I ask Bridget for advice and then  I turned the matter over to Bridget ( blog Owner). Bridget attempted to talk with the company, and they were insistent on a review and went as far as to say they felt ripped off because we had yet to write a review.

In defense of the company, they did offer to send Bridget other products from the website to review as well as the T-Shirts,  However, she felt that it was not anything she would personally be interested in reviewing, yet they still wanted a review on the original T-Shirts. I am not happy with the items or the service and am really sorry we could not come to an agreement.

Negatives: The shirts were of sub-par quality and were not true to size.  The customer service was even worse, and they went as far as to make threats to us if we did not complete the review and give them a positive review.

Positives: The T-Shirts themselves were of decent quality and the website does show several other products which look nice.

I would like to say that on this blog, I have always taken pride in my work and love to bring my readers great products that I have found in this line of work, sometimes, not all review would be positive, but that is part of how things work. I cannot always guarantee a positive review before I try a product out and always give the companies a chance to fix any issues we have, however, in a couple of instances, such as this one, nothing gets resolved and we end of having to write a review such as the one above.

Staff blogger Sarah S

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