How the Holidays can afect other..Help someone out

9:34 AM

The Holiday season can be so hard on many. Early this morning I was reminded of just how hard and how much if can affect others who are struggling.

A Soldier, a Man yet a child....felt like he had no other choice in the world but to end his life. I had hoped when I read what he wrote that it was a cry for wasn't..but thankfully he did not succeed and is now getting help. It just did not feel right, my heart was heavy and hurting so I called the MP's at the base he was stationed and thankfully they took me seriously. MY heart still breaks.

Some have no control over how they feel and holidays can be hard. I personally know that some months, especially Winter months can affect how people feel and think. For so long, Chris would get depressed right after the Holidays, because his Mom died in January, so the winter blues would always set in. He was only a child when she took her life. In recent years, he has found ways to work through his grief.

I have researched and found that Soldiers commit suicide in December more than any month of the year. We all know, or at least have an idea of things they see and are forced to do. Never discount how anyone thinks or feels..and not just soldiers, any human life. With all the protest going on with other issues I think many forget that others have pain they are dealing with and that many of us cannot even begin to understand. Those are the people we need to make sure they know they have friends or help close by.

One thing I learned from a support group I am in for Brain Tumor survivors is that Warriors never let Warriors walk alone, this goes for everyone, not just survivors..but Soldiers, friends, family or even someone you may not know. The holidays can be extra hard on so many, and thankfully this Soldier got the help he needed.  My heart is so heavy, and I think about this Soldier I know and his family, but at the same time, everyone else out there who has this turmoil they are dealing with.

It would be great to get another card chain for soldier's going, bu I wonder would they make it to them in time? I also worry about others who are not soldier's and may need a friend. So if you know someone who seems a little lonely, or you know has a hard time during this time of year...let them know you are thinking about them and that they have a friend.

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