Little scholars review

10:00 AM

 Little scholars is a tablet for our little ones made by school zone. This tablet is  for preschool, kindergarten , and first grade.  No internet required for this.   This wonderful tablet comes with 150 apps already installed for playing and learning. It also comes with a case to protect it.

Everything is included with this no downloads, nothing to buy and no wifi  needed. That is the best it is a educational tablet that is completely all inclusive.  All apps are age appropriate. You choose which level you want your child on . You can also track their progress as they learn. The screen is the right size for little hands as well . I t was pretty easy to pick up and navigate as i had my daughter age 9 , my neighbor age 6 , and my friends kid age 4 all try it out.  None of them had any issues playing with it.  In fact they all loved it .

Looking through the apps I found a bunch i really liked for different reasons. To me it was like having your kiddie magazines with the puzzles right there in front of you digitally.  We could do word searches,puzzles, math games,reading. Its all there. I really enjoyed the math games my daughter was playing. She struggles with math in school and as she was playing she was recognizing things from school and was able to do them over if need be to get it. She said mom i can really do math.   She was playing and learning at same time it was amazing to watch.  

Staff Blogger Sarah S

I received this product in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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