MOMZY: The Social Media Shopping Platform You are going to love!

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I can just imagine you now, thinking "What is Momzy?" Well, that's what I am about to show you. I love Facebook, Twitter & other Social Media channels and I love to shop, which brings us to MOMZY.

MOMZY is a Social Media Shopping platform where not only can you shop but you can see products that others like you are posting & shopping for as well. So that gives you the advantage of being able to buy things that other Moms post about. My kind of shopping! I always see things others have purchased and ask "Where did you find that?". Now, all I have to do is log in to MOMZY and see those things for myself without always having to ask where they bought them from.
A big plus for me when using MOMZY is that when I first signed up, I filled out my profile, which ask for the ages of my children. So now, I don't have to worry about seeing things that do not pertain to my kids or myself or things that may not hold interest to me. Such as if I want to see products just for Asher, then my feed shows those products in the age ranges I have already chosen.

You can also search different categories if you are looking to buy a unique gift for someone. I have found so many cute & different items on MOMZY so far and get all excited when it's time to buy a gift because I love looking through all the great recommendations to find something that would be perfect.

It's really easy to purchase an item if you see something you want, simply click on it and it will take you directly to that store's website. You can also add products you recommend to MOMZY as well to help others out who may be looking for helpful items or fun, unique items to buy.   You can also Follow other Moms and tag them in a product you have added if you know they are looking for something or if you think they would like something you recommend.

I can also add any items I like to a "bundle" , that way I can go back to those items in the future or share my list with anyone who wants to know what to get my kids for Birthdays or Holidays. It's like having a universal wish list from a number of different stores.

It's easy to Socialize on MOMZY also, in addition to following other like minded Moms, you can message them , which is great because it gives you a chance to connect with other Moms who are just as exhausted as or have the same issues as you. I personally like this option because I have found myself searching all over for certain groups of Mom's who may have a kid who still wets the bed at a certain age or when I have needed advice about a certain aspect of parenting. I no longer have to search the web to find someone to connect with because I can find like minded Moms on MOMZY.

Ready to sign up for MOMZY and join the "IN" crowd for some socialized shopping?  Head on over to MOMZY now and get signed up.

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