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   I f you have been reading this blog long you will know my daughter  is on a special diet. For those of you  who do not I will do a quick recap . My daughter has two types of epilepsy that medicine and a vns machine as not been able to control. They put her on a modified Adkins diet keto style high fat low carb. She  is allowed 30 carbs a day and 50 carbs on high active days, skiing, soccer etc.    So as you can imagine treats are very hard to come by. I make almost everything  for her by scratch and nut based. Until I found my saving grace  Quest bars.      I found that they not only satisfy her sweet tooth, they fall into her carb count giver protein to feel fuller.  They are amazing little bars. They have lots of flavors her favorites include chocolate chip cookie dough,brownie,cookies and cream and  chocolate peanut butter cup.  She is also looking forward to the new smores when we can find them in stores.  I have found lots of recipes using the bars as well . We have found that she likes to cut up the cookie dough bar and bake for a couple min to taste like a cookie.           With this diet she is always hungry  because the carbs burn fast so I always have a Quest bar in my purse now.  I also bought some and gave to neighbors to give her in her trick or treat bag, This was the first Halloween with out candy and it went fairly well.  Not only does Quest have yummy candy like protein bars for her they now have chips and protein powder, and pasta. I will be looking for the pasta so we can try it she misses that.  I can use that protein powder to make shakes and waffles and all kinds of  stuff for her now.  

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