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If you are looking for the must have do it all tablet of the season then you have come to the right place.   The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is the do it all tablet.   The tablet comes in 2 for factors: 8.4 inch screen and 10.4 inch screen.   This review is specifically about the 8.4 inch.  
The tablet features dual quad core processors and 1.5 Gb of memory.   It has 16 Gb of storage which is plenty for apps music and pictures.  It does have a micro SD slot that will accept up to a 128 Gb memory card.  (not included).  It features an 8 MP rear camera with a flash and a 3MP front facing camera.   It is pre-loaded with Android 4.4 Kitkat and Samsung suite of apps.
Now that we have geeked out a bit let's get to the good stuff,  how much fun it is.   With the Google play store the possibilities are endless.   With the beefy specs gaming is a joy  I have been playing Asphalt 8: Airborne on it  it is a graphic intense game.   I have had no lag and the game is stunning  it takes advantage of the motion sensors in the tablet and is spot on accurate. 
Aside from gaming I have spent time watching movies on Netflix  the video quality is great  the picture is crystal clear.   The sound is a bit tinned,  but that is expected from the speakers built in.   With a good set of headphones the sound is great.   I have also done some reading on it and the text is clear and easy on the eyes. It is a pleasure to read on.  
I also have taken a few pictures on it.   In low light the camera does take time to snap a picture,  however with the flash the picture does come out pretty good.   In bright light it is still slow to snap a picture but the pictures come out excellent.   It is not a camera replacement but it does work pretty well. It does handle video well but you will need plenty of light as the low light performance is not nearly as good as a camera.   These are pretty typical for mobile devices.
On to the size.  The size is perfect  if you have average to large hands you should be able to hold it in one hand.   It is very thin and very light.   I love this size device because I can hold it in one hand or comfortably use it with 2.  It is slightly larger than a paperback novel and thinner than a pencil.  If you are looking at a tablet for your gift worthy person this is the one.

Written on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S with the Docs to Go app. 
silly boy picture taken by tablet 

staff blogger Sarah S. I revived product in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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