Steelseries Headphone review

10:00 AM

Are you a gamer on a budget looking for stellar sound for your gaming experience?  The SteelseriesSiberia V3 is for you.  This headset at $99.99 is far superior to many in this same price point.  It features premium speakers that deliver a well-rounded sound.  The headset has deep bass that is complimented with a nice mid and high range to deliver a complete and natural sound.  It has a built in microphone that captures sound on a very high level.  The microphone is direction which helps cut down on the background noise so your game companions will only hear you.  This headset is the third version of the Siberia series Headset.  They definitely took the 10 years of experience from the original Siberia headset and developed a world class experience. 

This headset features premium audio speakers built into a comfortable audio cup that covers your ears well.  The soft ear cups are very comfortable and could be worn for those 8 hour gaming binges.  They block out most of the sound around you as well.  The strap over the head is built in timeless system that works.  It is a leather wrapped cable system to provide a comfortable and custom fit for heads of all shapes and sizes.  They fit as well on my husband’s head as they did on my 12 year old son’s head and my 9 year old daughters head.  They do auto adjust so it is easy on the go.

As for the construction, they are built tough.  They have a very solid construction that is ultra-lightweight.  This makes them great for being on the go.  You can throw them in your bag and not have to worry about them breaking.  The ear pads are wrapped and seem very durable.  They are designed to plug into your computer via a separate mic plug and headphone plug but come with an adapter for your smart phone. 

This headset is a must have for gaming.  It delivers a world-class sound experience for the budget gamer. 

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