Two Volcanoes Whole Bean Coffee Review

4:32 PM

I prefer whole bean coffee over already ground coffee. To me grinding my coffee immediately before brewing gives it a more fresh and bold taste. Two Volcanoes Whole Bean Coffee was sent to me for review, and the minute it arrived I was opening the little slot so I could smell it. I always think that you can tell how a coffee is going to taste based on how it first smells, especially when it is Whole Bean. This did not disappoint me. 

Two Volcanoes Whole Bean Coffee - Guatemalan Gourmet Medium Roast Coffee - Exclusive and Rare Single Origin Coffee From San Marcos, Guatemala. Cultivated, Processed & Packed in Origin to Guarantee Best Possible Flavor and Freshness or It's Free. 1 Pound Bag (16 oz)

This coffee is 100% Guatemala Arabica coffee. It comes in  a full body, medium roast and smooth flavor. One of the many things I loved about this coffee was that is did not leave a bitter after taste like so many other Coffee's tend to leave. .  Two Volcanoes Whole Bean Coffee really has a great flavor, very bold and rich that will appeal to your taste-buds on any level. 

 If you love Whole Bean Coffee, then this would be an excellent choice for your next cup. I truly enjoyed my coffee from start to finish and have already ordered another bag so that I can keep the flavor train going for myself and my coffee. I honestly cannot go a day without my coffee and I usually drink several cups throughout the day and one last cup after dinner. My Mom as well as a few friends also tried Two Volcanoes Coffee when they were visiting over the Holidays and I got rave reviews on how well I could make a good cup of Joe, eventually i had to tell them if wasn't so much how I made the Coffee but what brand I used and that I ground the beans fresh right before they arrived. 

Overall, I would say Two Volcanoes Coffee gets a big thumbs up! You can order your own bag of Two Volcanoes Coffee from Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received this product free for review, however all opinions are my own

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