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Fun times with Zoku Freeze Goodies

What is Zoku you ask? 

 I was recently given a few great and fun products to try out from Zoku ,free to  review. Zoku is an awesome system that has Freeze Pop Makers, Slushie Makers, Chocolate Stations and much more. The Zoku Freeze Pop System is a Durable hard-plastic base filled with the same kind of liquid found in ice cream makers  The Zoku Freeze Pop maker has  three individual slots for popsicles set into the base. The Individual Wells that you make your Freeze Pops in are made of non-stick cast aluminum so the pops are easy to remove once frozen. The popsicle sticks are made from plastic and specially grooved to grip the popsicles. (Six popsicle sticks are included.)

Now, before I get started here, I want to say, I wish I could have made Pops that look as amazing as these above do, but I am not that talented. I think had I have given Meagan a chance she could have easily did these as she loves to do stuff like this!

You first have to freeze the base for at least 24 hours, but, once Frozen you can make as many Pops as you like and use the Storage Container that you can get from Zoku to store the already made Pops while you continue to make more.  Once it's been in the Freezer on a certain temp ( which is what my freezer is normally set to anyway) , you insert the one popsicle stick into each well, pour in your popsicle base of choice, and wait 7-9 minutes for your pops to Freeze. I really like this aspect of the Zoku because you no longer have to wiat hours to freeze a pop in the freezer like we had to do when I was a kid, or even more recently when my kids were a bit smaller.

We ended up making Fruit Pops instead of Milk Pops because several of the guest had food allergies.They turned out great and everyone was impressed with not only the look but the taste and especially with the quickness & ease in which we were all about to make them. ( I let everyone have a chance to try it out)  You can see the process in my pictures below and see how quick and easy it was as well as get a look at my guest enjoying the goods.

A special device called the Super Tool which comes with your Zoku, will  screw into the Popsicle stick and help  lift the frozen Popsicle from the mold. You will need to use this device because otherwise it is difficult to remove by simple pulling. Snap on a drip guard and the Popsicle come out ready to eat ( I hated telling my kids that they come out ready because they wanted to eat them up before I even had a chance to take any pictures or wait for our invited guest to arrive and I didn't bother telling the kids that once the guest did get here that we were going to be making more anyway. We all know Mom's don't always tell kids everything)

This was actually very easy for us to use and once the guest did arrive we made 21 pops in quick succession, one for each person. Then we moved on to making Slushies with the Zoku Slushie and Milk Shake Maker.

This basically works the same way the Zoku Freeze Pops  worked. It has a Cup with a base which you freeze until solid ( 8-18 hours) then you pour your chilled beverages in to the cup to the Fill Line, from there you only need to wait a minute or so and use the enclosed spoon to scrape the sides to remove the ice because the temp drops quick..I mean really quick, it's pretty awesome technology. Continue to scrape the sides a few times and before long ( about 6 minutes for us) you will have a Slushie or a Milk Shake. We actually made Slushies for our Zoku Holiday Party, but did make Milk-Shakes the day before when we were trying our Zoku Shushie and Milkshake maker out. These turned out great! I think they turned out just as well as any Milk-Shake or Slushie I have purchased from anywhere before and it was a lot less money. You can see below how easy it was for us to make and how well they turned out. I now make these almost daily for the kids, especially while they are on Holiday Break.

We made Cherry Slushies for our guest and they were awesome. We simply used Kool-Aid that I had made prior to the arrival of our guest and chilled in the Fridge. You do want to use chilled beverages for the best and fastest results. 

I also had the chance to try out this awesome Chocolate Station from Zoku.  You can easily make hard Chocolate Shells for your Zoku Freezer Pops using this awesome little device which also comes with trays for you to dip your pops in that you can add Sprinkles, nuts, etc to.

All in All, I have to give this a 5 ***** rating. It does have some quirks, but nothing that takes away from the end result.


Easy to use. My Kids have no problems making their own Pops and Slushies using the Zoku Freeze Pop Maker and the Zoku Slushie Maker.

Easy to Clean ( Not Dishwasher Safe) You simply use Soap and water , I had no problems getting the Pop Maker, Chocolate Station nor the Slushie Maker clean in just a few seconds each

You can Make several without having to put the Zoku Back in the Freezer. You simply store them in the storage container

Con's :

You can only make 3 at a time. ( Not a huge deal because you can use the storage container)

You have to be super careful not to drip on the sides, as everything freezes quickly and if you are making layered pops, it can be a tad bit tricky but not so much so that it ruins the pops/slushies.

It does take a bit longer to make any other batches past the first ones as the base starts to thaw a little. I had no issues with several batches of 1 flavor fruit Pops but when we started adding things to them or making 2 Flavor Pops, it thawed quicker because it took more time. 

The Slushie Maker does not make very much. It's actually an amount perfect for a child or adult liek myself who prefers smaller amounts though.

Would I buy this? Yes
Would I recommend the Zoku Freeze Pop maker and or Slushie Maker and Chocolate Station: Yes

Therefore, I say this was a WIN from Zoku!

My Party guest also got to take home a cute reusable tote from Zoku as well as a flyer I printed off with the website and a few great products listed.

You can check them out and purchase your own Zoku Pops Maker, Slushie Maker and More From Zoku

Disclaimer: I received these products free for review, however, I was not required to post a review and all opinions are based on my own experience.

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