$25 Giveaway- 3 Winners

5:30 PM

It's that time again..Giveaway time for no other reason than just because.

have you had your eye on something you really want on Amazon ? A new book? A new shirt? How about $25 extra dollars just to through the week? It's your choice. You can choose Amazon,Paypal, WalMart or anywhere you want. I can send a physical card or an E-Card, whatever you desire.

It's an easy entry. You can do 1 or  all.

If we reach 200 comments before Tuesday  Feb 3rd  11:59 pm EST ( end of giveaway) , I will add a 3rd $25 prize as well. I will announce the winner9s) on Thursday February 5th  before 8 p.m. EST

Ways to enter:

Make a comment on any or all of the post below. I have made it so you only have to click on the link to be taken to that page and leave this one open for easy reference. You get 1 entry for each comment you make and you can make a comment on each post one time a day. Make sure to comment here for each one you do so that you get proper entries in to the giveaway

 Blue is The New Black

 Time for You


Basic Invite

You Are What You Like

LizTek Bluetooth


Gaffer Power


Salt & Pepper Grinder

White Chinese Lanterns


iPhone 6 ArmBand

10 Pound Pledge

You can also comment on any post within the past 2 months that I have not listed above, just make sure to let me know below which ones you commented on, so basically you can get unlimited entries if you really want them.

Follow me on any of the Social Media Channels below and you get one entry for each one. Make sure you comment here with what you follow me on so that you get credit for your entry.






Google +

Good Luck & Happy entering to all!!

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