Basic Invite : All of your New Baby & 1st Birthday Invite needs

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I love to hear about new Birth's, Baby Shower's and First Birthday's. Those are some very milestone occasions. Those Occasions warrant monumental stationary like what you find at Basic Invite.

I wish I would have known about this site when Asher & Lilly were born, they have some of the most adorable  and creative baby announcements I have ever seen. If you don't have Baby fever, you certainly will after seeing all the great announcements they have.                                        
You can't tell me those are not the cutest thing you have ever seen! You can make your own custom announcements in a variety of colors and styles and receive your order in 5 days. You really can't beat the prices and the time frame, especially when you are eager to show off your little bundle of joy.

Getting ready for a Baby Shower and can't decide on invites but know you want something out of the ordinary and not the generic ones you can pick up in the store? Basic Invite has you covered on Baby Shower invites also and very affordable as well. A baby shower is the first time a parent really gets that recognition as a parent to the soon to be bundle, and you want guest to be able to save those invites for years to come, especially save one for Mom to put in the baby book. So why not choose from a variety of styles or make you own custom invite that you can really show off. You will be getting so many compliments on them if you make your invites at Basic Invite

Now that your bundle of Joy has arrived, you've had sleepless nights, tears of joy and many milestones, why not mark your Babies First Birthday Milestone with a custom made Birthday Invite to celebrate his or her first year of life. I am so excited about these that I have already started to design the one's for Lilly's birthday in June. They have some super cute designs plus I can add my own personal touch to them as well if I chose to.  You can upload a personal picture or a design in which you have already picked out for the cards. They have so many options and I much prefer these over just picking up a plain invite in a package from a store . The 1st Birthday is really a true celebration of life and you are going to want to make it special, not to mention add to the baby book. 


So take a look around Basic Invite and see all the great options they have and start working on your Invites & announcements. You can have beautiful custom invites designed by you in a matter of minutes and they will arrive to you in just a few day.

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