Blue is the New Black: It's all About that Cobalt : Ditto: Exceptional EyeWear

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 Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post, however, all opinions are my own.

I love inspires me to see all the new trends. I love seeing what is up and coming and what others are wearing. I am really loving the new Cobalt colors for this upcoming season. Cobalt really seems to bring out the stylist in me.

One of my big loves are sunglasses and eye-wear. I wear sunglasses year around to protect my eyes and I much prefer to wear the latest fashions without breaking the bank. It seems like this year the greatest fashion is going to be Cobalt,and I am loving it. Have you gotten a few new pieces with cobalt to start the season off with and need new eye-wear?

Ditto has this amazing brand RAEN, that has all the latest Cobalt Eye fashion on the market and I am absolutely loving it. No matter what you are wearing, these are sure to bring out your Fashionista and make any outfit pop and get noticed. I also wear prescription glasses, so shopping at Ditto fits perfect for me because they carry all the latest RAEN Fashions in Prescription and Non-Prescription in Cobalt...Say it again..Cobalt because you are going to be hearing and seeing that a lot this Season.

Here is my favorite pair so far. I love the shape, the bright Cobalt color and the overall design.

This color just really pops for me, and since Cobalt is really going to be the "IN" Color this season, I want to get mine ready to wear.  I love the nose piece design 0n these. I always end up finding glasses I love but nose-pieces that I hate. If you look at these the nose-piece is built in and no little annoying wire pieces to get stuck in your hair ( Yes, I am guilty of pushing my glasses on my head just all the rest of you)

So, what does Cobalt mean to you?  Let me tell you what it means to me. Cobalt signifies excitement, inspiration and it brings out the Fashionista in me. I simply love the color blue and Cobalt is at the very top of that.  What do you think of when you think Cobalt? If you are anything like me, you immediately think about all those Celebs who wear's a stand out color, a bold and inspiring color that really just screams "Pick Me"

RAEN is an amazing line of eye-wear that simply brings out all my inner fashion choices. The new Cobalt frames they have on Ditto are stunning. I can't wait  to get a pair or three for myself. Cobalt is just such a happy color, I could see this definately being the new black. 

I want to hear what you think of RAEN's new line on does Cobalt inspire you or how does it make you feel? 

You can find all kinds of awesome frames on Ditto from Sunglasses ( Prescription and Non-prescription) to Eyeglasses. I love Ditto and always use them for all my Eye-wear needs and simply get so excited waiting for my RAEN glasses to arrive in Cobalt!

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