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Okay, I admit, I get some of the weirdest ideas in my head and I just have to write about them. 

Over the past couple of months I have seen so many hashtags used on Facebook that it almost makes a simple status hard to read. So, being me, I took to the drawing board and for the first part of my research, I ask 30 PR reps that I have worked with, how many #hashtags are too many? Now, I was hoping for a 50 % response rate, I mean after all, PR people are really busy, especially this time of year. I was quiet surprised that 2 out of 30 responded , and they responded within 4 hours! Now, if you are not a blogger, this part may not apply to you, but don't stop reading, because it's interesting and the next part will be just for you!

Here is what they said:

My question was: How many Hashtags are too many?

1- 45 %
2- 35 %
3-15 %
4 or more -05 %

I was really excited to read on because many of them went on to explain how they felt about hashtags.

PR Rep #1 - 

Brie- wow, it's so funny that you ask because just this morning my colleagues  and myself were talking about this. We really find that any more than two is just childish and very unnecessary , not to mention unprofessional and in general we tend to frown when we see a blogger with every other status have hashtag after #hashtag.

PR Rep #2-

Hi and thanks for reaching out. I don't mind answering your question, I find any more than one to be too many and entirely unprofessional. You can be the best blogger in the world but the more hashtags you have , the less chance of me asking to work with you again.

Okay so the #2 was pretty harsh, but it just goes to show, if I think more than two are too many , well, most f your PR Reps feel the same way.

Now, let's move on to the two reader polls I did over the past week, I posed the same question but in a different way.

Question: At what #hashtag  do you stop reading and how many are too many? 


1- 55 %
2- 25 %
3- 5%
5 or more- 5 %

Basically, you get almost identical breakdowns on how many are too many. 

A few readers quotes on the sunject:

Reader #1- Sometimes I see a status with 5 hashtags and think I am reading my Daughter's status and then I realize I'm actually reading my neighbor's. Wow..slow down on the hastags

Reader #2 - Hashtags are not meant to be the entire Status or conversation. One or two are enough, please, really, I mean it, they really are. 

Reader #3- People, especially adults, have taken to using hashtags way too liberally. It seems that they started out using just one when Facebook started doing hashtags but now have a college diploma based all on #####'s..#didyougetmyanswer #Iamsickofhashtags

SO what does all this mean?

It seems like Hashtags are way overused in the world of Facebook. Seriously...enough really is enough

Oh and did I mention..this article was all about #######'s

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