KISHI ™ Premium Ceramic White Blade Paring Chef Knife Review

5:13 PM

Disclaimer: I received this product for review, however, all opinions stated are my own. 

I always have a hard time finding really great knives that do not cost an arm & a leg. This KISHI ™ Premium Ceramic White Blade Chef Knife is pretty awesome and a great price for your money I have several paring knives and they all seem to go dull quickly, to the point that no amount of sharpening will help.  I have been using this knife on almost a daily basis for the past month and am impressed with how well it works.

This knife is super sharp and really light weight and will cut anything I have tried and successfully cut so far. The KISHI Premium Ceramic White Blade Chef Knife is odorless and never rusts or change color. It also resistant to cross-contamination so foods can retain their original color and flavor.

It is made of genuine ceramic, composed of one of the hardest minerals in the world. Kishi™ Ceramic Knives surpasses the hardness of a steel knife and produces more precise results. Built with a unique Anti-Slide handle, Kishi™ has a great balance. You will feel like you have total control over the Knife when using it.

Kishi(TM) is  proven to deliver a long lasting heavy duty sharpness, leaves no odor, and can work with a wide range of foods. Its ergonomic design-the knife will give you perfect balance and feel when you cut. It renders a wide variety of cutting tasks effortless, from chopping, to mincing, slicing and dicing. These distinctively shaped knives utilize the purest ceramic. With each blade close to the hardness of diamonds, they are able to preserve their razor-sharpness 10 times longer than traditional steel blades.

If  you have Amazon Prime, you also can get free 2 day shipping when you purchase this from Amazon.

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