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I know my readers love coupons. Now I have a chance to bring you some great info about a new site where you can find most all coupons in one spot.

SavingsAnt is a revolutionary new savings site where you simply create an account and Search deals start loading coupons. It is actually really simple to use and you can print each coupon twice. This site has so many great features that differentiates from the other coupon sites, that I think you all will really enjoy this and save much more money in a shorter amount of time. So you Save Money and Save time...that's why I like SavingsAnt!

When you first set up your account, you are going to want to click on all the stores in your area so that you can see the best deals. They do recommend that you click on all the local stores, even the ones that you do not shop at normally. With the SavingsAnt system, you typically will find that the higher price stores are where you are going to find the better price deals. It shows you store sales and deals  plus Manufacture coupons so that you can stack all of those together to get the best prices. I love this. I can easily see all the best offers and decide which store is the best place for me to shop that week. I like the fact that I can see all the deals, then choose which store has the best deals on the things I plan to purchase and plan accordingly to shop there that trip.

One of my favorite aspects of SavingsAnt is that you can filter your results. Which means, if it does not apply to your household, you can filter your results so that you do not see those coupons. For instance, if you no longer have a need for baby items such as diapers , wipes, baby food, etc. You can with a few clicks, filter those out so you do not have to scroll through all of those coupons.

Once you have customized your search preferences, you can select which way you want to view deals. You can change your search anytime while you are on SavingsAnt and see the deals based on Stores, Specific items, or just a certain type of item.If you wanted to see where the best deals for Meats are, you simply click the drop down menu and click on Meats and it will show you all the deals and coupons on Meat as well as what store you can find those deals from. If you see a deal or a coupon you want to add, simply click add and it will add that to your list.

You can also narrow your search by price, this is especially helpful if you plan to stick to a budget. If you estimate that you only have $50 to spend for the week and only $25 of that can be spent on Meat & Dairy,You can then narrow your search to each area, find the best deals and add those to your cart. Once you have found those items, you can then move on to any other category such as bakery, Personal Care & more.  SavingsAnt has all the tools you need in one spot to plan & execute a successful shopping trip within a budget.

If you have other items on your list that a coupon or deal is not available for but you still need to get, you can also add those items to your SavingsAnt cart by just typing those in. That way you do not need to make several tiny notes on your paper for other items you will need and it will all be in one spot so you can effectivly get your shopping done.

SavingsAnt has successfully found a way to eliminate searching several different websites just to find the best deals and coupons. You no longer need to go site to site and print coupons since you can now find them all in one spot and print two of each coupon as well,all from one Website.  You can also check off each coupon as you gather and print them, so that you can successfully keep track of the ones you still need to print.

It's really easy to sign up on SavingsAnt. Once you have signed up, be sure to check out the Instructions page so you can get a better understanding of how it all works. You will also find some excellent tips in the instructions page that will help you to find more ways to save.

Once you have searched through all of the great deals & coupons, you can print your coupons and your list and get ready to head out shopping.

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