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I ask you, my readers for your questions so we could start a new What would you do series. these are the first of hundreds of questions. If you want to have your questions spot lighted on here, please email them to : briesbottomline@gmail.com. We will not use names or tell you if we are using your question or not but check back each week to see if you have answers or if your questioned has been spotlighted. If you have answers or opinions please leave them in the comment section for the person who ask the question. 

Dear Brie-

I know you travel a lot so I wanted to ask if you or your readers had any tips on travel with and without kids. Like how do you pick where to stay, eat, do, etc and how to you manage to travel long distances in there car with so many kids. Do you have favorite hotels that you normally stay at?


Wannabe Traveler

Dear Wannabe Traveler,

I do have favorite Hotels to an extent. I usually try to find a Hilton to stay at but if none are around I will look at other hotel chains such as Marriott . I am not a fan of Motels but have stayed at several in smaller towns.  I think the cost associated with the hotels I prefer to stay at are worth it. We traveled 21 times over the past two years. As for traveling with kids, well, my kids are older, and even though that is a plus, they have not always been this age and it can get frustrating traveling with younger kids. I think my 11 year old is the worst, she constantly complains and talks non-stop, so we play games or give her things to do such as movies and games. My teenagers usually sleep a lot to talk between themselves. For younger kids I would say Movies are a good idea also. Without kids, we sometimes make last minute trips but usually only for 2-4 days. I like to stay in all inclusive places when we do not have kids like Casino's because everything is in the hotel plus usually many attractions around where we stay.

Dear Brie-

My 12 year old Step-Daughter has an uncanny obsession with her father. She lives with us full time but is constantly seeking attention and cannot stand when any of our other children get any attention or recognition, she will ruin moments when the other kids should be getting rewarded or praised. She will ask questions she already knows the answer to just to keep him from talking to anyone else, will try to get right in the middle by him when we are walking ( not just with me but with other kids too) and some inappropriate things I am too embarrassed to even speak about. we have had her in counseling but nothing works. I treat her and her brothers the same way, like my own children because I have raised them. No one gets special treatment over her and she usually ends up with all the attention to the point the other kids resent her because they can never get a word in. What can we do. 

Concerned Parent

Dear Concerned Parent,

That is a tough one, one that I can relate too as well.  I don't know all of the circumstances so I'm not sure how to answer. did you mention this to the counselor? Does she get one on one time ? How does she act with her siblings? I think I will have to refer to the readers for this one.

We are starting this week with only two questions, pretty far apart in topic. So let's hear your advice for our readers.

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