You Are What You Like: Fun New App that you are going to want to try!

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Do you ever find yourself on Facebook taking those quizzes & looking at your friend's results?  I know I do, it's fun, and it may even tell you more about yourself & your friends. You Are What You Like is a fun app that you use by connecting to Facebook , You can reveal your personality and find out more about your friends with just a few clicks.

No questions, nothing, it analyses your Facebook likes and such and pulls up a chart which is really kind of neat. I started out and clicked sign in with Facebook, it took about 60 seconds from start to finish. One click personality from start to finish. Sounds fun doesn't it? Well I thought so , because I always find myself looking at the things my friends post about themselves and I love hearing about them also, so if I saw this on one of my friend's timelines, I'm positive I would click it and check my results out.

So what were my results? It says I was Traditional  and opposed to Liberal And
Artistic. I think this pretty much says it all. I was not always conservative ( I don't think) but I have always been a Traditionalist. It also changes as your likes and interaction changes, it's pretty neat to log in to every day or so and just see what it says. My kids love it, they have been using it daily since I discovered this app. 

It says My conscientiousness is Well Organized.  I think Chris would disagree with that but in fact, My clutter is well organized and even though no one else could come right in and find what I have going on or where something is, I know exactly where everything is and what days certain things have to be done and my kids have a chore chart, etc. So again, pretty good analogy from an app. 

My Extroversion: Shy and reserved : Now, we know that was not always true..I'm not sure I had even been shy & reserved until this past year. Things change, we change, and seeing this in color made me think about things and really, it's true, I no longer find myself being the life of the party or talking to strangers. I guess this is yet another point on observation for me from You are What You Like.  I also tend to not like or share things that are off point because I have kids on my Facebook, I keep it clean.

AND COOPERATIVE...Haha this was funny. I like to think this does not describe me, but really, who am I trying to kid. I like to be right, I like to show I am right. 
Your Neuroticisim:  Emotional & opposed to : Calm and relaxed. We all know this is me point blank. As much as I would love to be calm and relaxed, it seems I am always going from one project to another, always stressing over something. Since my brain surgery I have been pretty emotional, so maybe it shows in my post. Now, after seeing this, I am striving for upbeat and happy when I post, who wants to hear constant stress and emotionally upset post all the time? Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy is going to be my new motto, then next week I am going to log back on to You Are What You Like and see if it has changed any when it does it's think and analyzes me.
I am not going to post a screen shot of what It says about my friends to protect their privacy but I can say it was really funny and even surprising in some cases.  It showed me who my Conservative and Traditional friends were, which I never would have guessed on some of them, as well as who my Artistic friends were and it was pretty accurate on that.

What really surprised me were my Personality Twins & My personality Opposites.  I guess I had never really looked at why I get a long with some people so great and others not as well ( obviously if they are on my friends list, we are friends) 
This is a really fun app and it's something I find myself checking out every other day or so. It's fun to see what it says about you and your friends & personalities. My Teenagers love it , it's great for a laugh and just overall a fun way to pass a few minutes and find out some things you never knew. 
Ready to give it a Shot and check out your results from You Are What You Like?


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