Bear Creek Soups: The perfect meal that taste better than Homemade

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Bear Creek Soups. All opinions are my own."

With Fall here and Winter right around the corner, what better way than to warm your family up than with some Amazing soups!

I love being able to provide my family good, hot, filing meals. What I don't like is spending hours in the kitchen.  I had the opportunity to try out some of the amazing soups from Bear Creek Soups and I can admit, I'm impressed. I had seen these on store shelves before but always assumed they would taste like canned soups, which I am not a big fan of. I was wrong, and I admit it.

These soups will knock your socks off, they are just that good and they taste homemade and take less than 30 minutes from start to finish. You can even spice them up a bit with your own ingredients if you want ( not needed as they taste great just the way they are)

I decided to make the all New  Chunky Potato Soup for you guys and well, my family of course. It was a cold snowy day and we were all craving something hot , everyone knows Soup is perfect for those days.

This one small package makes enough soup to feed my entire family, and as you know, I have a large family. It was actually super simple to make and my teenagers have ask me to buy some more because it's easy enough for them to make themselves as well and beats out canned soup any day.

First you add 8 cups of water to your pot and bring to a boil. Once it's boiling you add in one package of Bear Creek Soup Mix by whisking it in , let it cook for 10-12 minutes and you have perfect soup that taste like it took you all day to make. 

Now, because all my kids have slightly different taste and also because I wanted to try something also, I decided to spice this up with a few extra ingredients.

I first added one small pack of diced ham to the mix as it cooked, this was awesome and really tasted great. I also put a sprinkle of cheese on to of each bowl of soup for those that like cheese.

My oldest son & I love Broccoli, so I went ahead and cooked up some baby broccoli florets, I did not immediately add them to the soup though because not everyone is not  a big fan of broccoli like we are.  I first dished up the cups of soup, then added the Broccoli to our bowls , I gave it a try and it was amazing , so I decided to go a bit further and add some cheese to mine also ,like I had the other kids, it continued to enhance the flavor.

So I went a bit farther and added some bacon to the top..and let's just say that I think I made the most amazing homemade soup that I have ever made without even spending much time in the kitchen. This all took me less than half an hour from start to finish, this included boiling the water right down to adding the bacon on top and everyone loved it. I have some pretty picky kids over all, so to find something they all enjoy eating is a plus.

As you can see, I also added some Corn Tortillas with melted cheese on the side. To make these, which are an awesome addition to soups and chili, you simply  take the small Corn Tortillas, heat up a pan with a touch of oil and fry them a few seconds on each side. I prefer mine to be crispy, so I always go for a little extra time per side but my kids like to have them still soft with a little brown on theirs.

I was actually sent a couple of other flavors of Bear Creek Soups to try out and we plan to try them all, my kids actually had already made the Bear Creek  Southwestern Rice Mix before I had a chance to take pictures or even try it myself but they raved about how good it was and said that they were glad I bought that instead of the other rice flavors and brands I normally buy. I guess that should have been the time to tell them that It was actually sent to me for review but, alas, I took the credit for buying them something they really enjoyed and of course, I will now have to buy them more to keep up my amazing mom status with this.

The other package we were sent was the New Creamy Chicken Soup Mix  and it also looks really good. I love the fact that they add shells instead of the long skinny noodles,because when I make homemade soup, I always prefer to put these types of noodles in it as opposed to the same ole over used long noodles. I think maybe I could fix this one night with hot sandwiches and maybe even play it off like I made it myself? Hmm, what do you think?

Want to hear all about the new Flavors and the tried & true from Bear Creek Soups? You can visit them  on Facebook & Twitter to see all the flavors, fun & maybe even a few surprises sometimes!

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