Glow Sticks: Fun to Play, fun to make!!

10:28 PM

Disclaimer : I received this product free in exchange for a review however, all opinions are based on my own experience.

These Glow Sticks were such fun for the girls & I to play with and make bracelets, necklaces and just anything we could think of. Cassie likes to make crowns out of them for her dolls.


Long lasting - Super Bright - Durable
Create super bright glowing bracelets, necklaces, glasses and more!
Includes 100 units - 8" long premium quality glow bracelets
Fresh from the factory- Ultra bright and long lasting!
Non-toxic and CPSIA Compliant - Premium Quaility

You can  also make super cute and fun glasses with these and we also plan to use a few for our Disney Side party later this month at Meagan's school- so watch for an update on this post for all the fun things we have in store with that. 

I really liked these because they seemed to glow much longer than any other glow sticks we have purchased previously, which was a big plus for me because I didn't have to hear " stopped glowing" every five seconds.     

Once they start glowing, The Super Glow brand glow bracelets will last you all night. They will glow super bright for 8 - 10 hours. Then, they will start to fade out but may continue to emit some light for up to 36 hours. These glow bracelets are fresh from the factory. 

They were manufactured just a few weeks ago and guaranteed to be fresh when you receive them. Can't use them all in one night? They have a shelf life of 2 years prior to activation. 

You can find these on Amazon and they ship free with two day prime shipping also. These are a really good deal and perfect fro snow days at home, parties, or stock up for summer because you know your kids will be wanting them again!

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