Magic Seal Review

2:27 PM

Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for a review, however, all opinions are based on my own experience.

I received the Magic Seal to try out . The Magic seal helps you to seal bags to keep food fresh longer and is a reusable strip. This package came with 8 individual sealer strips. I really liked how easy they were to use and it has saved me a few times now when I have been out of Ziploc bags. These are also great to seal chip bags and such once open. 

It has 8 sticks of different colors and different sizes. You will need to use a longer stick than the bag you plan to seal to get the best results. They are also easy to store as they are small and you can stick them right in any drawer and not take up much space. 

I have used vacuum sealers before and they are great but with my small kitchen space I ended up giving mine away because I honestly had no place to store it, so these are really going to come in handy for us. 

Do I expect to replace my Ziploc bags with them? No , that's highly doubtful because we go through a ton of bags each week and if I sent one of these to school with my kids , my guess is they would simply get thrown in the trash with them remainder of their lunch or snack. I will however, use these at home when I need to seal a bag, close chips up or even when I reseal a bag of rice. They work great for those things.

Now, to be perfectly honest, had I not have been given a chance to try these, I sincerely doubt I would have ever bought them because the packaging looks cheap and I would have simply passed them by as another fad that would soon be gone. I am glad that I gave them a chance though because I am and will continue to use them for our needs at home.

We may even purchase more of these as I keep finding handy uses for them such as sealing bags of cereal so it doesn't go stale. Getting my kids to actually use them though has been a challenge, one that I hope enough prodding will soon correct because I can see myself saving money overall by just being able to keep chips and cereal fresh.

I did try these with a bag of water, and amazingly enough, the water stayed sealed tight, so I stuck it in the freezer and now use it as an ice pack when we need an extra, so another good use for them 

You can purchase these on Amazon and I think you will be able to find several good uses for them and save yourself some money. They can replace Ziploc bags you use at home, but like me, you will probably not want to send them out of the house with your kids to never be seen again.

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