Valentine's Day Ideas : Extravagant or on a Budget

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Valentine's Day is almost upon us. I have heard so many different emotions regarding Valentine's Day and why it's a Love-Hate relationship for many.

My son's have had little Girlfriend's almost every Valentine's day, and they do not seem to mind but always feel pressured to save extra money to get the girl a gift. They , even in the early Teenage years, went overboard in my opinion, but it seems Society has deemed that the best way to celebrate the day of love is to spend money. 

So , let's all brain storm here. How you can have a great Valentine's day at any age without breaking the bank. We have nine days until the big Cupid comes out, and if you are like me, you have barely even thought about it. Chris has a birthday exactly one week before Valentine's so I always seem to be worrying about the Birthday then Valentine's..which it looks like will be the case this year as well so I wanted to at least get an extra day start on Valentine's this year and even give my boys some ideas also.

I think the best gift I ever received was a card with a Handwritten note inside along with a Single White Rose. I am not a fan or typical red Roses, they are pretty and they smell good, but they are just not my cup of tea.

One year for Valentine's, Chris & I were having a rough year. So I wanted to get creative and yet still have a great romantic evening. I got out the fold up card table and chairs and covered them with a White Sheet on the table and make Chair covers with White Pillow cases and twine. I used a vase we had at home with some Rose candles and Fake rose petals I found at the Dollar Tree, set it all up in our bedroom. The most money was spent on the food I cooked, which was steak for him, Chicken for me and potatoes & Salad with a Homemade cheesecake for dessert. I rented a Movie, 50 First dates, which was the movie we watched on our first date and a couple more Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore Movies.

Then to make the evening more special, I made him a DVD with our times together since we started dating. It had the first song we ever danced too and while that song played I added pictures of us, our friends, fun times and places we had visited. I added a couple more songs and added more pictures documenting the first 8 years of our life together ( this was our 8th Valentine's Day when I did this a few years back) Even though this entire night & gift did not cost more than $20, I was able to create a very special night and we watched "Our" Movie and remembered all the great times we had together over the years.  I think this is a great idea even if you do have money to spend, and if your marriage has been going through a rough patch, then this is a great way to go back and remember all the good times and see how you can get back to those.

Some fun things you can do with your Valentine to keep cost down yet make it fun and memorable:

A a car, in a park if it's not freezing, in your bedroom or another room in the house. Use candles if you can. Make it Romantic & fun.

A Memory Book or Scrapbook- Document some of the best times of your lives together.

A Tech Free night - Put down those computers, Phones, tablets, anything that is considered Techy and just enjoy each other.  If you are worried about your children and afraid to turn your phone off..set up a ring tone especially for the kids or sitter, make sure they know to only call in case of Emergency , turn off your text messages totally for the night and enjoy each other even if it's just sitting at home, talk, laugh, watch a Movie, but do not pick up those tech gadgets at all the entire night. 

Cook a favorite Meal for Two- Eat a late dinner, feed your kids, get them to bed and then enjoy a meal between the two of you

Now, it's your turn to tell me some of your favorite Valentine's Day ideas. Extravagant or on a Budget, let's hear them all!

How about for teenagers? What are good valentine's Gifts without them having to save for months or ask Parents for a Loan?

Here are a few things my boys have done over the years.

Valentine's Day dance at School or local Teen place. Have them put on some nice clothes, buy a single flower, take her to dinner and a dance. 

Bake something or Cook something from the heart. Practice a few times if you need too. I would have enjoyed this when I was a Teenager. 

Write him or her a poem or short letter and add it to a card. A flower or two is always nice but no need to go for a Dozen roses. If it's Puppy Love, they will enjoy a single rose as much as a dozen.

I really don't have many ideas to give my Boys this year, so I hope you all can help me out here. 

Let's hear your ideas!!

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