Baby shower cakes

4:48 PM

I love it when I am told there is a baby on the way for a family member or friend. As soon as I hear the news I am  clipping my diaper coupons and other baby products i want to gift. I feel like a diaper cakes is a very well received personal gift that is also very practical. They are also very easy to make and can range in price from inexpensive to pricey depending on what all you add in there. I will let you know how this one is done.  I made this for  under $30 dollars using coupons.

Supplies needed
Diapers i used 2 large packs but it depends on what size diapers you do I did size 1
rubber bands
decor toys,supplies etc
plastic wrap (got mine from dollar tree)

Step one     I cut out a large circle from cardboard.
Step two      I covered circle with blue tissue paper and glued a paper towel roll to middle of circle.
Step three    Roll all diapers and rubber band each one so it stays rolled.
Step four        arrange diapers around roll add rubber band do this till each layer is size you want
Step five      add ribbon  and decorations

For this particular diaper cake I used animal toys as gender was not known.  I put it together and I then cut extra  tube off top and stuck in frog toy. I then decided I wanted to wrap in plastic. My plastic is wrapping from Dollar store. The cake was very well liked and was the talk of the shower (other then  baby of course.

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