8:30 AM

Just wanted to take a few moments today and wish Brie a very happy birthday. As some of you know brie and I share the same birthday today yippeee! What you may not know is that I have now worked for Brie going on three years and those three years have been very special. Not only have I learned a whole lot about blogging and forming business relationships, I found myself a very good friend. She has taught me the ways of reviews,marketing and being thier for all of our fans and readers. She does a whole lot for us all by bieng there to anwser questions,finding deals,posting sweeps, and running contest for you all to win. So today as we thank her for being with us for many years blogging and throwing twitter parties, let's also wish her a very happy birthday. Brie you are very special to us all and from the bottom of my heart I thank you for all you do everyday for all of us. So today may be a little quiet as we celebrate with our families and friends, but we will be back to celebrate with you all soon . So leave her a birthday wish here so she recieves it .

Staff blogger Sarah

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