Cestari Kitchen Elegant Pantry Labels Review

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Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for review, however, all opions are based on my personal experience with the product.

It seems my Kitchen has always been disorganized. i have tried to keep it straight but each time I would place something new in a container I was either having to place a sticker over a sticker or write over what was on there and it was simply put, a mess.

So, alone comes Cestari Kitchen Elegant Pantry Labels. I wasn't convinced when I first received them that they would actually help to get me organized and stay organized, and could I count on the kids to label things as well? 

I was in for a Surprise, because within just a couple of days, my Kitchen was not only organized, labels made for everything but even my kids were helping out. I buy a lot of Pasta around out house and different kinds of rick, and once opened we would put in to the Pantry containers. Wait..was that Thin Spaghetti or Angela Hair? I never knew because either myself or the family would not bother to put a sticker on it, or they would write over what was already there and you could not read. 


 So Here we go. My girls and I started using our Pantry Labels and Labeling everything. Once I was done we made a small place on the pantry door to hold extra labels and a chalk marker.  Imagine my surprise when three days later, I opened up the pantry and even my kids had used the labels and marker and labeled things they had taken out of original boxes. Like cereal, normally I would not mark that, but they had and that was okay because it looked great and the kids knew exactly what kind of cereal they were eating. 

I have also been using these on my canisters on my cabinets as well , so everything is labeled , my Flour, Sugar, Meal & all are now easy to read and no more worries about my husband mistaking one for the other ( Yes, it's happened) 

These are stylish & cute and I love them! They make my Kitchen so much more organized & I even look organized now, what an improvement!

Cestari Kitchen Elegant Pantry labels are the perfect for solution for stylish organization in every area of your home. Ordinary mason jars, as well as other plastic, glass, and metal containers become decorative storage solutions with the application of one of our chalkboard stickers.In addition to home and kitchen organization, they work well in the classroom, for arts and crafts projects, and add a touch of whimsy when used to personalize gifts and party or wedding favors.

These Chalk board labels are made from heavy duty vinyl, not inexpensive laminated paper.
-That means they are durable and can be reused again and again.
-They will even hold up to an occasional pass through the dishwasher.

Chalkboard jar labels have a matte finish, so the writing will be easily visible from all angles without glare or reflections.

The peel and stick self-adhesive labels can be repositioned and reused. If the labels have been in place for a while, the adhesive can be softened by running the article through the dishwasher or under hot water. Remove and reposition the label while it is still warm and damp, smoothing out from the center to eliminate any air bubbles.

While the labels will adhere to painted surfaces, such as walls, removal of the labels may damage the finish, so we do NOT recommend using them on painted or textured surfaces unless you intend the application to be permanent.

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