Diy basement project

9:00 AM

I always love a good project. We have a space in the basement that we love to use. Its our living space,we entertain down there, the kids play there you name it . It gets used a lot, but it needed updated and we needed storage. So we had been talking about what we could do down there. We had a couple book shelves that were falling apart and needed replaced. We didnt really want new book shelves but then what do you get? We talked about building our own built in staorage, but that would be expensive and time consuming neither did we really want to tackle at the time. So on a whim we went to Ikea to look around for some other things. Then bam right in front of my face I saw my storage exactly what I wanted and in the right color. The only issue I saw was that it was very open as in there was no backing so then what? We started brain storming and my husband suggestes that we paint the part of the wall behind this shelving unit red. Red? are you serious that is an awfuly bold color. I went with it and said just that part just behind this because you would never really see it anyway with stuff on the shelves. So that is what he did that weekend paint and build us a storage unit. When he was finished I looked at it and looked at. I wasn't sure I liked it. I was happy with the color and the shelves themselves, but it just didnt look right. I needed more, more color more storage I needed it to look clean and finished. So thats what we did another trip to Ikea and Homedepot. We finished it and I am pretty happy. Of course I have plenty more I want to do to the basdment but this is a great start.
I want to get one more small unit and stand it up on the left for the entertainment equitment. Then I shall say that that wall is finished. I would then like to paint other walls a ver light grey and decorated with red wings things and maybe new bar stools. That all comes in time though . So all we really needed was some shelving units and a coat of paint to make a huge difference.

Staff blogger Sarah

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