Easy Skateboard shelves for kids room

9:00 AM

We have been on a remodeling decorating kick here for awhile. We have done some big and small projects and have a lot more we would like to do in the future. My sons room is small and has wood paneling. There wasn't much we could do with out taking the paneling down which is not an option at this time. He is a teen now and we still wanted to spruce it up and make it his personalty. He loves skateboards and tony hawk and he needed shelve space. So we came up with a pretty neat cheap and easy idea. We decided to use skateboards as the shelves themselves. So I went on the look out for cheap skateboards on the smaller side. I found them at Five below near me. Then we went to Home Depot and got heavy duty brackets. I bought four skateboards varying designs on top. When we got them home we took the wheels off of three of them . Those three will be the shelves the fourth one will keep its wheel and be a coat hanger. We then attached the brackets to the skateboards and then mounted them to the wall. That was it pretty simple shelves. Then the fourth one we just tightened the wheels to where they would not move at all then mounted to wall. He now has three shelves for whatever he want and a coat/backpack hanger that are pretty neat if I say so myself. It really was a fast project ,but We think it added a lot of personality to his room. He is very happy with and his friends love it.

Staff blogger Sarah S

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