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Have you ever gotten in the car with smelly teenagers right after they just finished playing sports? I do this every day. I have five teenagers still living at home and three out of five do not have a drivers license yet, so I get to smell them on a daily basis.

I have been searching high and low for something, anything to help mask that smell and finally found Febreze Air Vent clips..they really do work wonderful .

What's another thing that really gets you while in the car? For me, it's my kids feet..they always feel that for some reason whenever we are on a Road Trip that they have to take off their shoes  No matter if they have on clean socks, it's just something about a Teenagers and the smell of their feet that really get me.

On top of all the sports, we take several road Trips each year. It's that time of year when we are all ready to head some place warm for our Spring Break and this time no worrying about taking a long several bottles of Air Spray for me. I have Febreze Vent Clips not only in the front vents but all throughout my car so that no matter which part of the car we are in, we smell freshness and not teenagers.

Febreze Vent Clips last up to 30 days each and if you have your Sunday 3/1 super Saver from the Sunday Paper, you have a coupon in there for Buy one Get one Free. Make sure to take advantage of that and pick some up from Walmart this week. 

Just like my home, my car also gets a Spring Cleaning. You know how things build up during those cold Winter months when cleaning out your car is the last thing you want to do when it's cold and snowy. Then one morning you turn on your heater and realize that you meant to take that bag of trash out and put it in the dumpster last week? Yeah..so do I..it happens..it happened to me but thankfully I now have Febreze Vent Clips in all of our cars and I can smell nothing but freshness when I turn on the heat.

Just to give you an example of one time I really could have used these. Last year right after the Christmas Holiday we loaded up 4 of our kids to head to Washington D.C. to visit my son who was spending his first ever holiday away from home while in the Army. We have a Suburban, so it's a big vehicle, and it holds us all. We had been in the car less than an hour when I started smelling feet..yes..nothing but feet. I immediately looked back and ask who had taken off their shoes because I just knew whomever it was had not put on clean socks that morning like I had told them to be double sure to do.

Well, it was not one, but all 4 had their shoes off and every one of them even had on clean socks. It was simply the smell of their shoes. I ask Chris to stop at the next place possible so I could pick up some Air Spray. However, even with that bottle of Lysol, I was still smelling it unless I continued to spray this each time we stopped, and in between stops I still had a big whiff. IF that wasn't bad enough, my kids insisted on Italian Food from Fazoli's. Now if you have ever had garlic in your car just to take it home, imagine having 6 plates of food that all smell like garlic and you have to wait until your next stop to throw out the remains. This was a time I really could have used Febreze Air Freshener Vent Clips.

If I had them in my Vehicle before we even started that trip, chances are really good that I never would have smelled any type of feet and the garlic smell would have only been a brief occurrence while the smell of garlic passed through the drive through window to the back of the Suburban.

So stop worrying about how long the smell of that Skunk you passed over on the last road trip you took is going to stay in your car, simply pop a Febreze Vent Clip in to your vents ( you can also put these on your back vents as well if like me, you have vents throughout your car, depending on the level of "Fresh" you need, you can add as many as you need)

Pick up a couple at WalMart today using your Buy One Get One coupon and say goodbye to those Dirty Socks, teenage sweatinees and remnants of food long past smell.

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