Giving Assistant : The Cash Back Site that also Gives Back

6:42 PM

If you are anything like me you love to shop online. I do the majority of my shopping online because it's just so simple and easy.

I recently stumbled upon , which not only gives you cash back for your online purchases but also allows you to donate a portion of your funds to charity. I personally love giving back, so GivingAssistant is really awesome for me.

GivingAssistant has so many stores you can shop at including Amazon and  you can have the cash back deposited directly to your debit card. If you do not have a debit card, you also have the option of having your cash back sent directly to you via check . I chose to have mine deposited directly on my debit card and each time my cash back reaches $1.00, they deposit it on to my card.

It's super easy to get started with GivingAssistant. The sign up process is probably one of the easiest I have ever been through. You can even sign up using Facebook if you prefer. When you head over to GivingAssistant , you will see the landing page to sing up.

Looks super easy right? That's because it is. Next up you will see a box pop up where you can choose how much you want to keep and how much you want to give to Charity.  I chose to keep 50 % and give 50 % to the American Red Cross. They have so many charities you can choose to give to, just type in the name of your favorite charity and it will tell you if they are part of the GivingAssistant program. You can also choose to change your charity if you want at any time.

Now, my favorite place to shop is Amazon. I was extremely excited when I saw that GivingAssistant has coupon pages and each time you use one of the coupons on GivingAssistant, a meal is donated through FeedingAmerica. So I checked out the Amazon Coupon Page.  They have a ton of great coupons that you can choose from . You simply click on the coupon you want to use.

Once you are ready to shop, make sure you activate the cash back option, a very simple process. You will see this in the upper right hand corner of the page and all you have to do is click on Activate Cash back.

So off I went to shop at Amazon. I actually needed a fringe curtain for a Disney Party we were having. I found what I needed and placed my order on Amazon just like I normally would. No other steps required. Then just a couple of days later, I got my email, which told me how much cash back I had received. Granted, this was my test run and I only purchased one item, but considering how much I actually purchase from Amazon on a weekly basis, this is going to be great for me. No other cash back site out there gives you as much back as GivingAssistant does on Amazon, so I am super pleased with that.

Now that I have my cash back, I only need to wait until the next purchase I made credits probably today or tomorrow and I will have what I need to cash out. The best part about cashing out? You do nothing, GivingAssistant does it all for you. If you are using the Debit Card Cash back option , once your cash back reaches $1.00, they simply send it to your card, no need for you to even have to think about going back in and doing anything else. The great part is that you don't have to wait either, no waiting 30 days or every 3-4 months like some other cash back sites. GivingAssistant takes only days.

So many of us really want to give back, but with such busy daily lifestyles , many times we often forget , GivingAssistant takes that thinking away for you and runs with it. I love knowing that now every time I make a purchase online I am also contributing to the American Red Cross as well as donating a meal to FeedingAmerican with each coupon I use from GivingAssistant.

SO why not get signed up yourself at GivingAssistant  and see how easy it really is? It's totally free to sign up and you can start earning your own cash back and supporting your favorite charity at the same time.

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