How to create a winter themed baby shower

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We have a new baby arriving soon in our extended family. We are all very close and spend lots of time together. We all wanted to throw them a special baby shower. We do not know the gender of the baby and there was no theme to the nursery at the time of planning.

Also it was dead of winter mmmm. Brainstorming began we are a very big family in which most of us ski a lot during the Winter.  So we went with winter-wonderland as our theme and focused on snowflakes,snowman and winter.

As it was winter it was pretty easy to do . We had it at a venue so we had to keep decor to tables and we didn't want to over do it as well. We found foam snowflakes at the local Dollar tree and I purchased a bunch. I hole punched them all and we made sure to have sharpies on hand.

We used the snowflakes as sort of a guest book. We had each guest write baby wishes to the parents to be on each snowflake. We then hung those snowflakes on a tree for all to see. I later took those snowflakes and am making a scrapbook for the new mom.

We had stuffed snowmen as the prizes to the games. We didn't do traditional games. We did the price is right with baby items,and we did whats in your cell phone both games found on Pintrest.

 As for table decor we put sparkling branches in a vase on top of big foam snowflakes. Then each table had a snowman on it that was then given away. Then we just sprinkled paper snowflakes in different colors all around the table. As for goody bags per say we did gloves. Each pair of gloves had a round lip balm, and a lotion in them and then we wrapped with ribbon. It was pretty easy theme to keep up with, and we had plenty of hands to help.

We had a fun time and the parents to be and all the guest enjoyed themselves as well.

This is the tree that the snowflakes were put on after written on. The basket was the price is right items that we used.
These were what are games were based from. We found these on Pintrest then I went in to word and I themed it to our winter theme and made one with mom to best name on it. These give you the idea of the simple games we did play we decided to leave more time for socializing and present opening.

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