Ingenuity Travel System Review

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Spring is in the air I can feel it and along with spring it seems at least around here it is baby shower season. Lately everyone around me is pregnant. So I thought why do a series of post on great gifts for moms to be and new moms. So I will start out my baby shower gift guide with one of the most essential baby items a mom can always use. I have found a very nice well made. The instride easy up travel system . It comes as a complete system the infant car seat and base. The car seat goes till baby is 32 lbs. It has an adjustable headrest which makes it more comfortable when baby is brand new and too small for most headrest in car seats. The base is easy to install with a one handed lift feature and buckles right in to car easily with the safety clips found in most cars. There is also a infant insert in the car seat itself that can be removed when baby no longer needs it. The stroller itself has a very sleek look to it. It has three wheels for easy maneuverability. It also has a nice storage bottom which we always need weather we are going to the mall,zoo or just strolling along. There is also a cup holder and a small storage up by the handle usually where snacks and keys go for me. The stroller is easy to fold up and to take in and out of the car . How many times have you went shopping with baby and struggle with bags and getting stroller in the car? For me way to many times. This system has a one button release to make it easy to fold to store. To me the best feature on this stroller is the hieght adjustable handle I always feel like I am slumped over pushing the strollers well no more. I am on the taller side so I very much appreciate this feature. I also love the design as it will be for girl or boy and can be used for a long while of the child's life, from infant on.
I really can not wait till my niece or nephew arrives. We will go to the parks and the zoo and even jogging in style . I am very confident in the over all quality and safety of this product. Any mom to be or new mom would love to recieve this for a shower gift. With the way it is designed we will use as travel sytem on every day outing then move to just the stroller part. That saves lots of money and space in the house with out having to have muliple strollers that each does different things.

Staff blogger Sarah S

I recieved product free of charge in exchamge for a review all thoughts and opions are my own.

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