Moscow Mule Mugs: They are awesome

4:14 PM

Disclaimer: I received these free for review, however, all opinions are based on my own experience.

Have you ever had the chance to use a Mule Mug? They are amazing. I simply adore the craftsmanship that goes in to them, not to mention how cold they keep my drinks. I have had so many compliments on these Mule mugs that I think I know what I may be buying people for Christmas and gifts this year.

Unique design with thumb place holder for firmer grip.
Solid copper plate construction with polished steel lining and brass handle.

NO TIN or NICKEL LINING. Stunningly Beautiful and Handcrafted Hammered Copper Mug
  Made With 100% Pure Copper.

Each is molded and hammered by experienced artisans from solid copper, then polished to perfection for your   enjoyment. Food-safe Lacquer Coating Preserves Stunningly Beautiful Look. These Mule Mugs Make Fabulous Gifts

The solid double wall construction keeps your drinks cold, and the smooth, round upper lip makes it spill proof. These mugs are intended for cold beverages. The mugs are not insulated.

I really do love these Mugs. I now have 4 in my home and really want to get another set of four. They are perfect for having company over, especially in the Summer for BBQ's and such. They keep my drinks colder than I ever would have expected. 

If you have not tried these, you really need to grab one from amazon because you will be sold and never want to use another Mug for your cold drinks. 

Moscow Mule Mugs are hand crafted. They do not tarnish or change colors even after washing ( you must hand wash them but well worth the time)

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