Radio Flyer wagon review

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Summer is quickly approaching and I for one am very ready. We have had a very long winter so I am looking forward to spring and summer actvitys. The warmer weather brings us all outside almost everyday. When you have little ones that can be hard. You have to struggle with a stroller and a cooler and all the other things that you have to bring along when you have kids. Whats even better is a wagon, you have room for kids and the things you need to keep the day a succseful one. Radio flyer has the grandstand 3 in one wagon. I recieved one to review and I like quite well. The 3in 1 has some wonderful features I have not seen on wagons before. The first being the traditional 2 seater for kids. Both child seats have a seatbelt for safety. There are two cup holder on the inside of the wagon for th kids. There is also two cup holder on the outside under the handle for the adults.
The second is the bench seating. You can easily transform the wagon from the two seats to a bench anywhere you are. There is no need for tools and it only takes a second to transform. Great feature for watching sibilngs sports or a day at the park for a rest.You just fold the childs seats down and remove the side piece. You then flip over to the other side and put in the side piece, viola instant bench.
Now for the third transition it is just as easy as the rest. Simply put down the seats thats it. Now it is flat bed storage. Great for hauling all your picnic supplies to your area or bringing all your beach stuff with you. You can also use it to deliver girl scout cookies your older child sold. You see I found a new use for it .
Last but certianly not least it also allows you to put handle all the way in the wagon for storage.
When it arrived I quickly opened the box. It had everything I needed to put it togther. I didnt even need any extra tools. It also only took just about ten minutes to put togther and I did it alone no need for the hubbys help. This is a very nice quality wagon that will last the family a long time and will get many uses over the years. I love that it has so many features and is very easy to interchange for what it is needed for.

Staff blogger Sarah

I recieved this product free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opions are my own.

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