TeamSnap!! It's what Organizing your Sports team is all about

10:06 AM

I honestly wish I would have known about TeamSnap several years ago. I never knew a program like this existed but it sure would have made life easier for me and several others.

I have Managed my Company Softball team, High School Wrestling Team, Middle School Wrestling and a few other things. If you have ever done any of this or even been a Team Mom or Coach, or even just a parent of a child on a sports team, you know what a daunting task this can be. Practice cancelled? You are responsible for letting all the players and parents know, this can take hours, and even then you may miss someone and end up having someone show up and wonder where everyone else is.

Even if you are not a Coordinator and simply  a parent who has children in sports, TeamSnap can provide everything you need to stay organized right at your fingertips. I am amazed at everything this can provide and do.  

Team Snap Dashboard is so simple to use

Obviously, it seems we are all connected to Facebook, Twitter and email, but how many of us actually have the time to stop and check everything when we are running from place to place making sure we get to where we are going on time? was your day to bring  snacks, or was it? No worries, TeamSnap will make sure you remember and in plenty of time.

Team Snap Will Even Let you Share to Facebook

TeamSnap is perfect  for coaches, participants and parents.  Coaches  or admins are not the only ones who can do things on Team Snap. Coaches and admins do have the ability to load players, schedules, and so much more, but as parents we also have the ability to track everything also ,such as Schedules, Practices,Cancellations, Concessions, volunteers needed and so much more. I am really pretty impressed overall with what all this site and the App can do and I am still learning.The App is really going to come in handy especially when you are on the go, so be sure to check that out also.

Ronald got hurt and can't play today and you need to make sure someone is there to take his place? Just log on to Team Snap and add the details and everyone will be aware of what needs to happen. Headed out the door with all of the gear you need, get in the car, start off to practice , stop to pick up someone who always rides with you only to find out they are not ready to go because practice was cancelled? Again, with TeamSnap everyone will know at the same time and obviously it will save you time. 

Team Snap Has Every Aspect Covered for you

TeamSnap can take care of all of that for you. You simply log on, update and they do all the contacting for you. This probably could have saved me hundreds of hours over the years that I have been managing sports and helping as a Team Mom.

That's not all Team Snap can do either. They have so much available that you can do that it simply amazes me that every sports team out there is not on board with them.

I had so many spreadsheets, notebooks, scattered papers and address books with numbers that it was hard to keep it all straight. Schedules,practices, all of it was on me for the most part, but had we have had TeamSnap, even the Coaches would have been a little or a lot less stressed. TeamSnap will ask all the right questions based on your sport so they can best serve you. They have a free version which  is great if you want to give it a try. The paid version is so inexpensive that even the most strapped for cash teams could afford this and it would make any organization more efficient.

Do you need to know each players schedule? TeamSnap can keep track of that. How about all those concession stand nights you need to fill? Let TeamSnap keep track of that for you. Do you need to collect and keep track of payments from players? They have you covered on that end as well.

Worried that someone might see your child's info? With TeamSnap you do not have to worry at all, there is no chance of this happening as everything is protected because of your child being a minor, only the Admins can see this information as needed. 

You can add the entire roster to your TeamSnap , with numbers for contact, jersey numbers, any special info you need on each players. It's all there for you to input, no more notebooks, spreadsheets, and you no longer need to even have a good memory!

One thing I always had issues with was that when something needed to get to the entire team, I always found that I would inadvertently miss someone who needed to know when I sent out a group text. That's another great reason to be using TeamSnap because you simply type the message you need to send and hit send all, then you are done, everyone gets notified and you can breathe easily.

You can sign up for the free 21 day Free trial, and now is a perfect time to do that as we start coming in to baseball, Little League, Softball and more. You can spend those three weeks on the free trial seeing how easy  this will make life for you as a Team leader, Parent, Coach or Participant. It's a great time to encourage your Coaches to get signed up as well because what Coach would not want to make life easier.

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