Adopting your best friend

8:52 AM

For me, I told my husband and my kids we were never getting a dog. I didn't want one.  I didn't want the extra cost. I did not grow up with pets and I had no clue what all was involved. Truthfully, I was scared.

 When I was younger I saw a friend attacked at the face by a wolf/dog mix. That was very scary for me, but I still liked dogs when other people had them, however they made me very nervous. As I got older I moved in to a neighborhood full of dogs. I got to the point I kept dog treats in the house to give to the dogs as they walk by.  My kids and husband would ask and ask, but the answer was always no.

 A few months ago my husband and I started talking about maybe getting a pet. I was apprehensive but willing to discuss it but was not promising anything. We decided we were going to go to an adoption event at the zoo. That event was not scheduled until  May. 

Well,  We were at the zoo last week, as we are members and love going as frequently as we can. While we were at the Zoo, My brother called and said he was right down the road at an adoption event getting a puppy. So off we went to see him and his new pup.  

While we were there, We looked around walked a few pups. We had the chance to talk  to the rescue volunteers and see what all was involved in the adoption process. 

Then when we walked Sophie it as an instant connection. She loved the kids let them pet her, listened to them , she hugged them it was so wonderful to see. i knew then that I couldn't leave with out her. I already felt that she belonged to us in those few short minutes.  Two hours later we were leaving with Sophie.  
The rescue that we got her from has been nothing but helpful and supportive.  

 We got her from a place called P.O.E.T here locally. I am completely in awe in what they do. They take in dogs from bad situations,owner drop offs, etc and treat them like family. They find them foster homes ,and get them vet care and train them some to be good family pets. 

 Sophie aka Panda had puppies before we got her.  Her foster mom worked with her and all the pups. She made sure they were all taken care of and ready for homes. Sophie came to us spayed, all shots, ready with a microchip, crate trained, house broken, knows her name well and will respond to some commands. 
P.O.E.T. came out and did a home visit, answered all of our questions and said we could always call with anymore questions we might have. I feel like we have so much support through P.O.E.T and I could ask anything. 

P.O.E.T does  events all over so we took her to one close by yesterday to visit her friends. They all loved it and she got to see the  people and dogs she knew from her time with them. P.O.E.T also does reunions which, I think is so cool. 

P.O.E.T will also   assist in setting you up with a vet, or can give you suggestions on vets to work with. They work with a great training facility that you can take your pet to for help with training, swimming, and socialization. I can not say enough good about the rescue and the adoption process.

I feel like we have a little extended family and a new community that we now belong too. Thank you P.O.E.T for making this the best experience and for everything you do. You are a wonderful group of volunteers and foster parents.  We absolutely love our new family member.


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