Buzz bee toys water gun review

10:00 AM



Summer is fast approaching and with that means warm weather and water fights. Well at least here it means water fights all summer long. I was given the awesome opportunity to try out some water guns. Unfortunately the weather has not been cooperative. We are still really cold and has been raining all week. Fortunately  though I have used these before.   I am in love with the Buzz bee toys. They are good quality and fun to use. The kids love playing with water guns and now we have enough and a variety to have the whole neighborhood  for a fun day out. With the different sizes it is great for different ages that we will have around. Even dads will get involved as they are such big kids. I  love the bright colors so you are not missed when you come out swinging.  They are also very easy to use as my five year old nephew could use just as easy as my 13 year old. 

I received one or more items free in exchange for a honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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