Complete Survival Camping Gear Kit 6-IN-1 By InYard + GIVEAWAY

6:37 PM

Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for review. All opinions are based on my own experience.

We are big campers and outdoor people in our home. It's hard not to be with 7 teenagers, five of which are boys. This camping kit really rocks and has a lot of cool gadgets that re a sure fire hit for any camper or anyone else who loves to hike or spend time outdoors. This All in one, 6-in-1 Camping Kit is awesome!

This one bag comes with so many awesome gadgets plus has so much extra room for you to store everything else you need to carry a long with you as well. The best part? The bag is also waterproof.

The backpack does have a nice, sturdy well made strap to carry it with as well as it comes equipped with  a Multi-tool credit card with compass, razor blade, tweezers, ruler, toothpick, bottle opener, magnifying glass, AWL, screwdriver.

A Nice Large 100% microfiber+ waterproof Nylon Towel 

Magnesium flint fire starter& emergency rescue whistle - Will light up campfires, stoves, fireplaces, grills, signal fires, and high intensity sparks can also be used as emergency signals  

Fork& Spoon& Bottle Opener - multi functional eat n' survival tool Includes three hex wrenches. Equipped with a karabiner for convenient transport

Universal 360 degrees wire saw - Chain blade saw comes in belt loop

Another awesome thing about this 6-in-1 kit is that it floats if dropped in the water, so you can hopefully, easily retrieve it if that just happens to happen.    

I love everything about this and all of my boys  want one for themselves . Everything is heavy duty and well made, no cheap plastic or stitching coming loose. 

Now, want to know the best part other than the fact you can buy this on Amazon at a great price? 

Well, one of my lucky readers will get a chance to win one for themselves as well. Giveaway begins today  and ends Sunday April 12th at 7:59 PM EST.

Here is how to enter and it's really simple. 

Head over to Amazon and add this 6-in-1 kit to your wish list. Once you have added it to your wish list, click on your wish list and grab the link and come back here and post the link showing where you added it to your wish list.  

For additional entries, comment on any other post on the blog, as many and as often as you like. The Sky is the limit.

Entrise will be picked by random,org. We do not hand pick the winners.  


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