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                          Easter has come and went. I want to know how you celebrate it.  I was talking with a coworker and it was a big debate. Hide the baskets dont hide, get gifts,no gifts.  I am not really relgious and holidays are a big deal in our family always has been. My husband is an only child I am one of four. We like to combine our family tradtions and make some of our own as well.  For us the holidays are when our  kids get things, we rarely buy if not a holiday. We also love to use holidays as a time to celebrate that season.   what we do is a combonation of things . We leave our baskets out the night before,and leave out carrots. Then the easter bunny leaves a mess of jelly beans in the room the baskets are hidden in.  He also hides a couple presents always something for out door. Our bunny has taken a liking to always taping one gift to the wall or cieling silly bunny.  We enjoy it and makes for wonderful memories. Then we also go to a family members house for a egg hunt and a huge amout of food and wonderful family time.  We also add in some birthday celebrations so it is a long day but awesome at the same time.    So tell me what is your Easter like? What is your favorite part of the holiday?

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