Go Grey! Brain Tumor Awareness month is coming.

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Many of you know that less than two years ago I was diagnosed and shortly underwent Brain Surgery for a brain tumor. It was one of the scariest time sin my life. You cannot imagine the emotions not only that I went through, but that my family went through as well.

It changes you, you become more aware. When you hear Brain Tumor, your ears perk up and you listen.

This past year, I think we have heard more about Brain Tumors than ever before. We had Lauren Hill, the amazing young woman who loved Basketball and had dreams of playing Pro, but was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor, which even though she got to see a few dreams come true, She recently passed away. I cried when I read she had died. She never had a chance to live like I had, or many of us had. She was so full of life and right up until the end, she had a smile on her face.

Then we heard about Brittany Maynard. Brittany had a brain tumor that was eventually kill her, just like Lauren Hill did. I am sure you all remember that Brittany and her Husband and Mother moved to a State where she could choose to die on her terms. So many people were outraged, so many others understood. I am not sure I really ever chose to understand nor did I chose to think she was making a bad decision. Had I have been in her situation, I 'm not sure I could have made that choice, because selfishly I would have wanted every single second I could get with my family and my kids. I am sure what she chose to do was good for her.

Did you know that May is Brain Tumor/Brain Cancer awareness month?  I know we have ribbons for all kinds of cancers and illnesses, but I bet more than 75 % of the population have no idea that may is the month we try to bring more awareness to Brain tumors. Some say that all brain tumors are Malignant, others disagree. Regardless, we need more awareness for Brain Tumors.

On May 3rd, I will head to Washington, D.C. to be an Advocate with the House and Senate for Brain Tumor research and awareness as part of "Head" to the Hill. I will walk with my fellow survivors and family members and friends of those we have lost. I will sit in on meetings with The House and Senate and voice my concerns and what I think needs to happen, as will many others.

I could never have made this trip without the Scholarship from the National Brain Tumor Society. In May you are going to see many post from us about Brain Tumor Awareness, many grey ribbons , and I ask you, my readers, will you go Grey for me? Go grey for someone you know? Go grey for those that have lost this battle so many face yet so little is known about?

I am going to be Tweeting, Instagram & Facebooking my trip to D.C., I would love it if you could share my statuses, my pictures, my post.

It's time that things such as these are brought to the attention of the world.

I lost a good friend this year, Scott had been battling Brain Cancer for 20 years. Scott was the brother of one of our best  friends and when I was diagnosed, he and I talked for hours and became good friends. I thought he was getting better. He had started new medicine at Duke and we thought the medicine was causing the issues he was having. Three weeks after starting the new trial, Scott was dead. He had fought for so long, it was devastating. His tumor had taken over his Brain, it grew Arms, Legs and fingers. In 20 years we have come a long way with research, but the money to do more research is just not there. Scott may have lived and had a longer, happier life, if we could have found a cure or something to help prolong his life. He actually was still driving and doing things up until about a month before he passed.

Scott was a Graphic designer and had once had his own business. he was always smiling, he was always there listening to me, no matter how bad he felt, I knew I could count on Scott to understand how I was feeling and the emotions I was going through..

I also joined a group on Facebook shortly after my Crani. I found love, support and unanswered questions finally answered. I could and can still, go in to that group and instantly feel better. I can connect with others like me and I did. Unfortunately, we lost several other warriors from that group this year.  Kate, beautiful Kate. Kate had a family, kids, a husband who adored her. She was in the young prime of her life. She was a beautiful person and I would give anything if I would have had more time to get to know her.

Harley...Harley has also survived Brain tumors. She is a young girl full of life and spirit. She designed the shirt below that you see her and her Dad wearing. Harley is currently designing another shirt as well and we hope she sells many of them.

So now, I ask you again, can you help and Go grey in May for Brain tumor awareness? It can be as simple as a Grey Ribbon on your twitter or Facebook photo. Share a post from one of us. Tell your friends and family. Wear a Brain tumor awareness shirt or purchase one from someone whose proceeds are donated to the National Brain Tumor Society.


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